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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Personal Development and Personal Maturity - part 3

Personal development and personal Maturity part 2
This part of post on personal maturity dwells upon being self-centred or ego-centric or egoistic. Egoism is the sign or immaturity and poor self awareness. This shows that the person has not grown beyond their childhood years. If there is a need in us to think only about ourselves and our desires and gratification of our desires we are indeed self-centered or egoistic. If you look at every relationship or interaction and only fromthe point of view of what is in it for me..without considering the other person in the equation, then you really need to look at the way you think. Is it always about you.. my needs, my happiness, my comfort ..my ..my, my.. ???  Think hard, think straight. I, me and my may not endear you to the world. A self centered egoistic person thinks and acts only with one perspective in mind..his/her happiness.Egoistic or self-centred people hardly care for or show concern for the feelings of others and are determined to do the things that bring them happiness. They consider the cost to others as often trivial as long as their needs are met. Egoistic people fail to see from another persons point of view. They are hardly moved by compassion.They are ready to scratch the back of others as long as their back is taken care of. You stop scratching their backs and they might scratch your eyes out.  This is because the self serving relationship is over and now the person does not serve his/her needs anymore. Egoistic people always come first..and their needs are more important than others. In the East we are taught to serve others first before we sit down at the table. We are told that a guest is god, we are trained to put ourselves last. It seems like when a person from the East meets a person from say the American culture  it is truly the meeting of the East and the West. Two culture that are way too different and almost parallel to each other.Egoistic people are usually not aware of this issue and think that the whole world needs to treat them right and care about their feelings, while they do not mind trodding on the feelings of others. You may not know if a person is egoistic or not initially as they very cleverly project themselves as kind, loving people. The closer you get the more aware you become of their nature.I am not saying that the rest of the world is altruistic, we are all self-centred people to a certain extent, but it is the degrees of difference that makes you stand apart. Maturity as I always emphasise begins with self-awareness and change. So be the change you want to see.

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