"People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing, that's why we recommend it daily." - ZigZiglar

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Commitment Issues - The Passion Connection to Success and self confidence.

Commitment is the second key that can make passion work for you. Take a look at those people who will not commit themselves to anything.. be it a person or marriage or a job or a profession or even a way of life... what ever it may be..when you see these people, they appear as though they have it all. They are enjoying life, their freedom and are having a good time in general...

However, what I see is fear, a deep seated fear to commit themselves to something. They perceive commitment as a loss of freedom.
Look up the dictionary for the meaning of the word commitment and you have words like responsibility, loyalty, preplanned or promised engagement showing up.
To these individuals responsibility means drudgeryboredom and repetitive behavior which allows for no personal freedom. They decide to keep away from all things that tie them up and so they obtain an emotional divorce from responsibility.
Loyalty is another factor that means the same old things again and again, which makes them want to run away from being loyal to person or profession.
They end up with no drive to pursue anything of importance, even to themselves. This sends a message to their brain that  they have no power over themselves.
All the normal things people do, such as a regular job, or having a family or business are all to them drudgery and boredom. They want to break out of the mold at any cost, sometimes, paying for it with the very happiness they seek. They are afraid of losing their freedom when they commit themselves to a person, or a job or a career, they rebel against all those things  that curtail their freedom.Even though they want to do well in a career or in life, they have this warped idea in their head that it is not cool to be tied to something.

Fear is the only thing that drives them, in the deepest recesses of their mind they are always afraid of being tied down and so will do anything to avoid it.
They fear themselves, they fear that one day they will conform to the same ideals that they detest.
They come up with a program against themselves to ensure that they never make a success of anything they venture into. They become their own obstacle to growth because of a closed mindset.
Have you ever you found yourself attracted to someone and at that moment of making a commitment you develop cold feet and doubts arise, you make a joke or made a parody of it and get away from it all?
You have been there?
Now face yourself ... you are running away from no one but yourself. You can't get too far.
If you will decide to face the dragons and slay them for yourself you have hope yet.
Is your confidence getting eroded, is success eluding you?
You can do it my dear reader.. nothing is impossible. 
Stay tuned, coming up with tips to help you.

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