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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Tips to Overcome Commitment Issues

Passion and Commitment -sofspics

Today I bring you some tips on how to handle the issue of commitment.

Before I get into that, here is a word from me to you...

My reader, have you been following me on this journey through the mind, are being helped or at least in some way receiving insights that are helping you see into the inner recesses of your mind? I would appreciate a comment, a suggestion or a question from those of you who have been regular readers, for the statistics speaks for itself. This will help me to fine tune my writing to address any issues that you may have. Your suggestion may help me focus on real issues than on the ramblings of my mind. I would like to thank you in advance for taking the initiative to make this exercise meaningful for all.

Tips to overcome the commitment issue.

I shall start this post with a series of questions which you may have to ask yourself, do some serious soul searching by yourself to come up with the answers. 

Do you want to live a full life or hide under a blanket of fear that stops you from exploring all avenues for happiness? 
Are you rebellious or daring enough to defy your own set thinking? 
Do you have the courage to take on your fears? 
Are you ready to grab the gifts life has in store for you and check them out for yourself before deciding on what is good for you? 
Are you ready to change the way you think and react to people and circumstances?

If you have said, "yes" to even two of these questions you are on your way, my friend to a better future...

Desire to change or self motivation is the most important factor that is needed for any self improvement exercise.
Acknowledging and understanding your fears Yes, you need to admit to yourself that you are driven by fear, the quicker you are to admit it the smoother and faster will be the progress. Understanding what fear is doing to you, will help you fight it out, as nothing rational comes out of fear.

Take the time to write down all the things that you may have lost by your lack of commitment, yes by writing down you actually make a commitment to yourself. Put it up in a place where you can see it frequently, so you are constantly reminded to change the way you think.

Now that you know what your fears have stopped you from getting, go get it. Yes, I mean it, face your fear head on. Pick out smaller and easier tasks that you have not done in along time because you have been afraid of it, plan strategies to face them and work on them.

Set yourself to gain as much information or knowledge on the subject as possible. We already understood that the more we read and understand and appreciate things, the more we become passionate about them.

Now let me give you another tip to becoming passionate about your career or project or even life.

Associate them ( your career or project or even life) with pleasant experiences that you may have had while you were working on it, it need not be directly associated to it, it can also be a by product of your activity.

Visualize these pleasant experiences associations and link them with your enjoyment of your work. Make them as emotionally appealing as possible, so that you can look forward to it everyday.
Make provision for setbacks, road blocks, hindrances, conflicts, disagreements.. etc. Have alternate plans in place, expect the unexpected. If you are prepared for the worst, you can never be taken aback.

Celebrate every small success, that is adding the emotional component to your achievements (we had discussed in the last blog post) this reinforces positive behavior and adds passion to the art of winning.

Remember that the longer that you stick around, the more determined you are to make it work for you, you begin to win the respect of people, though this should not be your primary motivator, this will indeed propel you towards your goal and increase your self-confidence in the long run.

Accountability is a word that gets immediate attention and respect.. To be accountable to oneself is the first step in becoming committed and accountable to your employer or partner or job or the like. This means that you take responsibility for your every action, that also means that there is no running away.

Allow your self to be human. Most (not all, a few are just too lazy) people who have commitment issues are perfectionists. Perfectionist do not allow for small drawbacks or hindrances, they blame it on themselves and are quick to judge themselves as failures. Failure is only the other side of success, if you work towards a perfect ten score and cannot accept three or four as the route to success, you really have to take a good look at the way you think Failure is not a destination, it is only a pause before success.

Do you have a stubborn nature or an obstinate side with which you held on to your freedom so fiercely? Although this could be seen as a negative trait or so you could turn it to your advantage. Now rewire your brain to this truth, you have a potential gold mine inside of you. Huh eh??? Yes!! you have that very trait which is the soul of commitment, it is just an uncut, unpolished diamond, its value increases only as much as the rough stone is worked on. Use this stubborn or obstinate attitude of yours, that will power of never to give up your freedom to now work for your new found beliefs .. never quit!! Have you found your gold mine yet!

Modify or reset your standards, even in the real world, standards change all the time, the currency of a country get valued upward or downward all the time. It is okay to do this, I am not talking about poor standards or no standards at all, just lower the bar a bit from your perfectionist stance. No one may even notice it except yourself. This gives you the room to be more flexible and breathe easy.

Take up newer responsibilities, as you keep tasting success and you will for sure not want to run away from it all ever again.

Enjoy what you do, take time to delight in every new concept, technology or technique that you learn. Congratulate yourself, celebrate your efforts / achievements and now no one can stop you from being self- confident, successful, highly motivated, passionate and committed to what you do.

I really hope that I have passed some of my passion and commitment to you my reader.

I always love to hear from you, tell me what you think, rate it up if you found it useful, ask a question if you want to.. but let me know...Thank you!

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