"People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing, that's why we recommend it daily." - ZigZiglar

Friday, November 12, 2010

Build yourself - your self -confidence!

You need to take time to think to think about what you are thinking. Are you thinking positive thoughts or are you filling up your mind with self criticism, blame, guilt and feelings of worthlessness? Do you entertain thoughts that make you bloom and flourish like the person you should be?
Have you heard the saying 'charity begins at home' ? I am sure you have, I would turn it a bit and say be charitable to yourself first. Most of us who are our worst critics need to learn this well.

Have you looked in the mirror today, what did you think, oh the wrinkles, my skin looks blotched, I look like a nightmare... be honest. Did you look at the mirror and think hello beautiful/handsome ..if you had, you are the most positive person in the world. I should confess that the mirror is not my friend.. I only approach it only when necessary. Even though I am not so high on the physical factor, I make it a point to compensate in other ways by telling myself, you are smart, you are the most lovable person on the face of the earth, or you have qualities that people would envy to have...may be a little exaggerated, but well in line with the truth. What I am trying to do here is not to blow my own trumpet, but to show that, I take care to treat myself well and that makes me feel good at the end of the day.

What are you thinking throughout  the day?

Are you looking at the things that went wrong during the day and saying 'oh! if only I had done that', 'if only I had that' or so on and so forth... Let me tell you one thing, you are meditating on all that is negative and worthless. 
The Bible says in Phil 4:8 I am paraphrasing this for your benefit,  meditate on the truth, things that are noble,  just, pure, lovely, everything of good report,  virtuous and praise worthy.   Which means think only of the positive things and positive thing alone.

Even if you have had a bad day, if only you can  train your mind as this verse says to stay fixed on the positive thinking, you will be renewed with the strength to make things turn around... such is the power of the mind. It just needs the right food to remain strong and healthy.

How do you close your day? 
My friend tells me that she refuses to think about it, so keeps her mind occupied with television or the like..
I always like to look back and think of the people I have touched with my words today, the positive strokes that I have given people today, the number of people whose day I brightened up with my words and deeds, I may have made a mess or two during the day, but that is not what I want to take with me to bed. I want to sleep on the positive so I wake up energized.

Simple thing, but it is the essential growth vitamin you need for yourself self confidence. This is what you need, to make you perform to your potential, to make you feel good about yourself. Most of us wait to get a compliment from others, to feel good about ourselves. It just tells a sad story of our self worth.  If you can't be good to yourself who will... think about it?
Make it a point to be good to yourself. Give yourself the gift of some kind, self building words today!!

You are the most unique person on the face of the Earth, there is no one like you! A truth that you need to acknowledge!
Have a great day!!


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