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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Passion - The quintessential ingredient for a successful life!! (continued)

I apologize my friend for having used your story without your permission first..now that this detail is taken care of I can write with ease...Thank you for overlooking my folly.
We were on the topic of passion and I had promised to discuss these two questions ...here I go
How do you become passionate? How do you set yourself on fire and love for what you do?
Passion is, as I had already said a fierce emotion or an emotional force that sees you through the tough patches of life.
Developing passion for something is as easy as falling in love... I am sure that you didn't do too much to fall in love. I use this analogy here because passion and love go hand in hand. When you start liking someone you start asking questions, learning more about the person, trying to understand their likes and dislikes and slowly as your interest grows, you find your self falling hopelessly in love with the object of your interest. I am sure you have been there and I am not describing some unknown event...:)
When you are in love, you do so much to gather information and work so hard at it, without ever feeling the strain.
It does not feel like work at all, in fact you are willing to do more than called for.
All your energy is focussed on the object of your love.
Your thoughts and musing always seems to end there with the person... without you ever making an effort.. I hope you are getting an idea of what passion is.
You go all out to please the person and prove that you are worthy of the favor being returned.
You want at all costs to get the results that you're after.
You work tirelessly to make a success of your fantasy or idea of love... despite the obstacles that you face.
This is passion!!
How do you translate this passion to the thing that you do for a living or to your marriage or to your studies or whatever you pursue? 
It is very easy. There are three components to this.
Thought life...
Work life

Are you wondering what I am getting at?? Let me explain..
Your thought life has one focus, that is the object of your love, all your thoughts are fixed on this, no distractions allowed, even the life sustaining task of eating and drinking sometimes get side lined... or just barely tolerated.
Your waking and sleeping thoughts are all about this one thing in your life..you wake up and leap out of bed impelled by your thoughts even as your day starts.
The second part - your work life, here priorities are clear, the first thing that you think about when you leap out of bed in the morning is a plan to get things going, your mind is constantly scheming to work out different strategies, to somehow get the results that you are working towards, all other tasks that you have to do fall into a place with reference to your work life.
The emotional component is actually that part that propels the other two components to work forcefully.
Whatever you take up, whether it is you career, hobby, studies whatever it might be, you need to add the emotional component to it.
 You need to spend a little while (let us start with a five to seven minutes everyday to fifteen minutes over a period of time) imagining about what you want to achieve.. and how it will enrich your life.
This is not some vague daydream that I am talking about ... Visualization is a technique that I am harping on here.
You need to see yourself in that place of accomplishment, sitting in that position that you dream of or that project completion or that kind of family life that you envisage or if you are a student then the grades that you dream of getting. Enjoy yourself, savor the dream, feel the pride, the exhilaration, the love.. when you do this everyday before you get out of bed in the morning when your mind is at its best level of absorption , you have just injected passion into your life and pursuits.
There you are, staring right into the face of success! Sounds easy - try it! But then you need to have some discipline and continue doing it over a period of time.
Happy visualization and Go get your dreams!!..

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