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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Passion - The quintessential ingredient for a successful life!!

It has been a while since I updated my blog...I had been quite busy elsewhere in the real world... It is awesome to be back again... I see I have gained one more valuable follower..in the meanwhile. Welcome dear Follower..
Now back to business the of the mind... the working of the mind...
The mind the Bible says is 'the most devious of all things' .. even you do not understand your own mind, its agendas and its subconscious planning. On the face of it all things appear simple ..but the mind has its own schemes, behind all things. Understanding your mind and its schemes and working in line with it, if it conforms to your value system or making it fall in line with your values, will indeed be the way to some purposeful goal oriented life.
I was talking to a friend, a very dear friend.. and was intrigued  by the workings of his mind... . a seemingly peaceful life and seemingly purposeful life... which I had taken for granted as real... When you scratch beneath the surface, you see a life of a slight dissatisfaction,  not so purposeful after all.
I am sharing this with you  my reader, because I care.. not because I want to make my friend seem as if he failed.
There seems to be a deep seated fear that prevents my friend from pursuing his interest over a fairly long period of time.  He tends to lose interest in his pursuits and moves away to seemingly greener pastures..The rolling stone syndrome.. no moss gathered in the process.
Dear reader are you in a dilemma like that... do you jump into things with a lot of fervor and then hit some road blocks and you are lost?
 Many people today cast off their jobs or marriages because they have neither the passion nor the persistence to carry them through it all. Throwing in the towel is the easiest thing to do, an escape route from reality, a very easy and non challenging route. You need more passion.
Ha Passion!!  Passion is a word that I love to speak about. Passion for any cause that you take up. This word has become soiled in a lot of filth because it is overly associated with just the physical aspect of life.
Passion is the force of the emotions, this is the force that drives you on to accomplish your purpose in life.
It is like the gas or the fuel that makes your vehicle purr and race down the road.
Passion is what makes people tick. It is the fire of the soul, the life energy within you to make all things work for you.
Now, you know my reader that I am a passionate person. I have taught my children to be passionate about anything they take up. I always tell my sons 'take it up if you want to prove yourself, dump it now and do not waste your time if you do not have the power to follow through'. I have never imposed my ideas on my children but they have caught on. They do things with the same passion that they see me do, and the results are there for the viewing.
Passion is what will see you through the most difficult patches and life has many of them positioned  along the way.
If you have the passion but see no means to get where you want to, your passion will get it for you.. Passion challenges all things, passion makes you want to prove yourself.
Passion is a quality worth developing, not hard at all, it is a learned behavior, takes you some effort but well worth it.. interested??
How do you become passionate? How do you set yourself on fire and love for what you do?
Stay tuned I shall quickly come back with more... Thank you for reading this.. I hope you are being helped!
Please let me know...

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