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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Understand your mind, control your mind

I was speaking about positive or power affirmations, in the last post, here I would like to talk about understanding and  taking control of your mind mind. How do you take care of your mind? Think of your mind as a garden, you do not plant weeds or useless plants there. You pick out the plants you like be it ornamental, colorful, sweet smelling flowers , flowers that are pleasant to the eyes , fruit trees, herbs, veggies and only what you want...
Have you ever looked at what grows inside of your mind?  What kind of thoughts?
Positive thoughts or negative thoughts, confusion or clarity of thoughts, anxiety, worry or tension or happiness and satisfaction..... think.. ..
I want to simplify things here . this is purely nontechnical ...aimed at helping anyone who needs help..

Inability to concentrate results in a scattered or wandering mind.These individual talk a lot, start with one topic and end with a totally unrelated one. While writing also their sentences are long winded which end up confusing the reader.

The other category is that of a confused mind, these individuals receive a lot of information, mostly incomplete and try to put pieces together, they do not have the patience to understand how a thing works but need to jump in head first and then end up all confused.
The active mind that is quick to pick up cues from the environment and put them together with understanding. These people glean out useful tips or pieces of information even from what others would consider rubbish heap.They are satisfied and emotionally balanced.

The passive mind, nothing gets in, nothing worries, nothing  is produced.

The doubtful mind, this is state of constant questioning, every person, their motives, their ideas the inability of such people to trust others put them on the edge and constantly unsettled.

Critical or cynical people are constantly unsettling others, they are perfectionist and are not so appreciative of anything others do. These people are a dissatisfied lot.

The worried , anxious,troubled insecure mind will be our last category, these people are always looking up to others for approval, get worried and troubled if they do not find the support they expect, they make lives difficult for themselves and others.

Where do you belong?? Take time to think... These classifications are not labels given by psychiatrists or psychologist , these are to help you do the obvious. If you have a mind that is scattered you need to take the time to bring your concentration together, if passive you need to tweak it up and make it work for you  do the obvious....

If we take so much care about our garden how much more care should give our minds!

The very fact that you take time to think will help you understand how your mind works . we shall continue this further in my next post!! 
Have a great Day!

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