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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Changing your thoughts to change your life.

As I have been sharing here how the quality decisions that I took in life has changed my life.  Today I want to speak about how I learned the process of making quality decisions.

 Reviewing  my life I understood one thing, that I had always looked at life in the negative context. I am here not speaking about believing that all that I did would fail, but more on the lines of, I have to struggle to achieve anything in life.

Most of us may not be overly negative but this thought has been dinned into our psyche, that we have to slog it out. The odds are against us. This put us in the defense even before we start taking up any task seriously.

Having figured out that I needed work on my thought life, I knew I had to act on changing  my thoughts to change my life.

I just started taking note of the thoughts that came to my mind randomly, wrote it in a diary , was surprised to find that the were more negative thoughts than positive thoughts.

I needed to change this flawed thinking and started off with positive affirmations or power affirmations to counter act act my negative way of thinking.

What is positive affirmation and how to do it?

One needs to find out ones strengths and weaknesses,with these  strengths we need to write statements about ourselves that are positive. For eg. if communication is your strength,  you would come up with ' I am  a good communicator' Work out other statements based on your strengths and come up with at least five to ten in positive confessions about yourself.

These positive statement are said frequently to yourself preferably looking at yourself in the mirror.

There is a secret to this,  you have to say it loud enough for your ear to hear it! Don't  believe me try it, and as many times in a day you need reassurance.
The other part of the secret is you have to make sure that your statement is confessed in the present tense
You need to say that you are and not you will be a great communicator.

This exercise needs to be done at least for 21- 30 days. Are you wondering  'why this time frame?'

This is because it takes fourteen days to break a habit,  You have a bad habit, yes you do ,of thinking negatively about your potential.  It takes at least 21 to 30 days to set a new habit  in place.
Once this wonderful habit is set you will find your life blossoming,  now you have chosen to be your best friend!!
This is just one baby step in changing your thought life.. We shall learn more as the days go by!

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