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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Live life to the hilt

Until a few years ago I had always believed that life was a constant struggle.
My perception of life underwent a paradigm shift after I opened my mind to new ideas and belief systems.
I changed the way I think. I would like to share what I did with my life.

I understood that I have one life and I need to live it well.

To live life well I had to make some decisions in life.

I had to face some fears that did not let me live life to the hilt. I met them face to face.

I was filled with fear of public speaking, I would write speeches for my friends but could never bring myself to speak. Not long ago I was in a huge college auditorium and was forced to speak, by the sudden decision of the main speaker of the day. I was shaking uncontrollably and went pale. That moment, I decided to speak even if it made me the laughing stock of the university students. Forty five minutes later I sat down to a good applause.I had conquered the fear of public speaking!

I now knew that any thing that I wanted in life, was just a decision away.. I went ahead and made my decisions galore!! Now I live a meaningful and full life.

I decide everyday that I will be happy come what may, over a period of ten years my young friends (read that as my son's friends) think I am fun to be with, my friends look up to me and admit that they are jealous of me and the way I laugh. They love to be in my company.

Another quality decision that I made is never to worry. Worrying I understood is negative meditation, I decided that I would only indulge in positive attitudes, so when I worry now, I just convert that into action to overcome the problem which is the cause of my worry. I give it my best shot and leave the rest to God!

I am truly happy.  I want to share my leanings with others!!

Have a great day!

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