"People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing, that's why we recommend it daily." - ZigZiglar

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Consumed by passion

I am consumed by passion.
I am consumed by passion, passion for what I do, it seems to be the magic pill for all ailments. Passion seems to be just the remedy we need when we lack motivation. When things seem to fall apart and all effort seems wasted, you have not inclination to take one more step, your passion can drive you on. You don’t believe it.. Well believe it or not it works for me. 
When money fails to motivate, when rewards fall flat,  passion is the only force that will lift my emotions and my mind out of its misery and help me move on. I wonder why I do this day after day, what is my reward - your passion is your reward answers my soul.
When you are consumed by passion you desire to excel at what you do, day or night is of no consequence. Reward or no reward you keep doing it because you love to do the things you do.My passion for writing, passion for teaching they just keep me going, tiredness of body has little or no impact on your mind. This is a testimony to it. It is well past midnight and I have had a long day, yet my passion drives me on. I know my day starts early and I have a longer day tomorrow and yet it is passion alone that can get me to do what I do, because I am happy doing this. I  love outdoors and being with friends and yet I am here tied to this screen , watching the monitor fill up with words that I type, I am consumed by passion.
There was a time when I could not type a hundred words in a day..and here I am typing at speeds that I though was not possible. I have overcome my barrier.. my passion did this for me. No hurdle is too big, not effort too hard, no task too daunting, impossible is nothing.My passion has helped my self-confidence grow in leaps and bounds. My passion has helped me break through barriers of time and space. It is passion, being consumed by passion that drives me on.
Passion has led me to new horizons and helps me keep learning day after day. Consumed by passion I greedily learn how to master the Internet or cyberspace in time.It has broken my ill-formed beliefs that an old dog never learns new tricks.. that is grannies tales.. I learn new tricks and tips each day.
I have realized my potential to a certain extent and hope to uncover more of it. My passion has helped venture into pasture that I thought never existed.My passion drives me on.. I am consumed by passion to work harder than before when things are falling apart, my passion has taught me to believe in myself and I am free. I am not restrained by time, space, ability or power, I surge ahead on the wings of passion, I am set free by the power passion has instilled in me. Are you driven by passion???

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