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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Personal Development and personal maturity - Part 2

Talking about self-control there is something that I forgot to mention, the ability to say sorry. It takes courage and a great sense of responsibility to say “sorry”. It tells people the buck stops here and I take responsibility to sort this out. A person who is immature finds it difficult to say sorry. He or she is like a 2 or 3 year old who thinks to say sorry means you are punished or beaten back into submission.  

Personal responsibility is another great sign. If you feel that you are responsible for the way your life has turned out then you are a person with self-awareness and maturity. Blaming people and situations are only ways to avoid taking responsibility for how things turned out. Blaming may get you out of the tight spot but it will not set things right. A mature person desires to finish what he/she had started to a level of satisfaction.

Good judgement and great decisions is another great dipstick of maturity. When people get carried away and make emotional judgements they make all the wrong decisions that defies logic. Emotional decisions are never the greatest and people generally see through them despite the effort to cover and clothe them with logic.

A mature person has a general philosophy of life that is reflected in the behavior. Their belief system is now combined with experience to evolve into a philosophy of life. This life philosophy, if it is a mature view of life turns out to be one of fulfilment and happiness. No regrets and looking back at the past, here only hope and good feeling abound.

Maturity does not mean you have nothing more to learn. Openness to learning is another wonderful sign of maturity. Learning has no age limits or boundaries. Learning is readiness for change. It is never too late or never impossible to change anything, change the way you live, live life to it fullness with maturity and courage.

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