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Monday, September 5, 2011

Taking personal responsibility - Personal development

Taking personal responsibility - pic by sofs
Taking personal responsibility is a uniquely adult behavior. It brings with it a stamp of trust and dependability. People fail not because of circumstances and situation but because they refuse to take personal responsibility for their lives. Making excuses is easy, you can always shift the responsibility to someone or something. It takes courage and boldness to say the buck stops here. I am responsible for that muck up and I will handle that.
The question of personal responsibility is thrown in your face when you face the greatest challenges of your life. In the final analysis how do you sum up, I succeeded or failed because of the decision I made or I would have succeeded if not for that or this...
If we attribute our failures to if and buts we need to attribute our successes to the very same reasons. Look at the major problems in the lives of individuals today- divorce or broken marriages and poorly raised children, financial problems etc.. and you would clearly see the break down of personal; responsibility leading to these problems.
I would like to take up the issue of finances, if each individual learned to live within our means and used the plastic card that was meant to simplify life, wisely, we would not have the huge financial crisis that we are facing in the world today. Planning is at the head of this.. When I plan for the month, I first list out the major absolutely essential expenses, next the money I need to save for the major objectives I have for the family, for the next five years..eg the education of children, the house that I want to buy, the car that needs to be bought and the like. This way I know how much money I can spend on other things..especially the impulsive buying is totally cut out.. I also rule out the possibility of loans and other not so well thought out commitments that can push me into debt. That is the responsibility I take for my family’s finances.
Every decision I take, every thought I think, every word I speak is my responsibility. I create my environment by the things I do. I am responsible for my life and the way things happen around me.
I am personally responsible for my happiness and the direction my life takes, because each turn is decided by the choices and decisions I make.
I write online for a particular site where things aren’t going well for most people. Now every one is pointing fingers at the CEO..I wonder if they same voices that mutter now gave him credit for the times when things went on so well at this site.. I for one believe that I am as responsible as he is..this place where I work is mine too :)
I believe that good times and bad times are part of life and if I benefit from the good times, I benefit more from the bad times as I learn the important survival skills and understand the kind of people around me.
Personal responsibility is my strength ..is it yours too?

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