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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Self improvement - Make no excuses

Self improvement is the very essence of a well adjusted life.  All of us desire to improve or make changes for the better in our lives, we aspire to reach higher, dream big, work better and add meaning to our lives. The biggest barrier to self improvement is making excuses. Making excuses is a way of legitimizing that particular flaw or lack in you. When you make excuses you send clear information to your brain that the very issue that you are trying to plug in has a right to stay there because of the excuse you come up with. 

  • Making excuses hinders growth and personal development. It causes you to live in the same rut longer until you become accustomed to it and the issue becomes a part of your personality.
  •  Making excuses kills the motivation or the zeal that impels you to change certain behaviors or ways of doing things.
  • Making excuses is another way of shirking responsibility. Most often it is responsibility for your own decisions and actions.
  • Making excuses shows you in poor light, causing people to believe that you are not serious about yourself. It also gives people the impression that you do not walk the talk.
  • Making excuses sets you up for failure.

Make no Excuses

When an individual refuses to make excuses he/she takes responsibility for every one of his/her actions. 
It speaks very highly of the person's character, integrity and intent.
It makes the individual move forward and close all the gaps or lacunae in personality.
It makes the person trustworthy and credible.
It causes people, especially people in authority over you, to look at you as potential for greater responsibilities.
Most importantly, it helps you to become a better person, work more efficiently and achiever higher goals.

Make it a habit today to kick the need to come up with excuses. Make sure you refuse to give in to the habit of making excuses when you are assessing yourself or you are questioned about your responsibilities. This is negative thinking in its subtlest but most potent form. 
The next time you come up with an excuse, do not fear to correct yourself even if it means having to let down yourself. Do not hesitate to go back and tell someone that what you said was only the partial truth and you have no excuse.This is the best way to inculcate the value of responsible living in you. Self discipline is the first step to self improvement.
Instead, spend time writing out why you should make the change, what do you stand to benefit personally, socially and professionally. Motivate yourself to achieve the goal and you would have moved a notch higher in the way you live, in your attitude towards life and in your self esteem.

Have a great day... thank you for taking the time to think through with me....... :)

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