"People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing, that's why we recommend it daily." - ZigZiglar

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Living life with compassion and empathy

Compassion, empathy - are you mad? That is no way to live life, you will get trampled and mutilated if you try it, said my friend. But, that is the life I choose, I protest. 
I am sure many of us think like my friend does. Compassion and empathy are outdated in this world of man eat man. I couldn't care less. I have used this principle ever since I learned it, and it works for me..........and others too. 
Yes, I have lived this life of compassion and empathy and I have seen lives change, death averted, despair change to new hope. Oh yes I have!
I was not easy at first to live this life of compassion and empathy for others. It was the most difficult thing to do, my flesh cried out and my rational mind, educated in the ways of the world yelled to be freed. I had a choice to make, to exist or  to life life on my terms. I chose the latter. I live life on my terms now.

I have the power to love and show compassion and empathy to all who cross my path,
I have the power to respect human life and thought,
I have the power to be my best self each day,
I have the power to make life spring forth in my way!!

I choose to be happy in what I do, 
I choose love, over everything new,
I choose to be strong in the way I think,
I choose never to lowly sink!

I choose to forgive,
I choose to reach out,
I  choose to not to yell and scream,
But to be still and live my dream!!

It was not my intention to write poetry here, but I choose to let my thoughts flow on.

I would rather think on all that is good and pure and worthy of praise, excellent and honorable, my dear reader than to fall into the mire of lowly human existence.
I would rather live the life of a human, than like a machine, emotionless and bereft of the milk of human kindness.
At the end of our lives we shall be remembered, for the impact that we had on the lives around us and not for the wealth we amassed or the positions we occupied.. (they will be brutally exploited of course)
I would rather live every minute of my life happy and satisfied than being grumpy and cynical. I choose to be my best self and not just do what is easy.
Compassionate living means having to go out of my way and do things for others.  It has it flaws, like my friend said, people take you for a weakling, but I believe there is more strength in standing up for what you believe in, than in following the masses … what is your take ????

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