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Monday, April 11, 2011

Nothing is impossible - If you believe

Yes, Impossible is nothing!

I am writing this post fresh from reaching a new goal that I had set for myself. I am not a writer, nor have I thought of myself as one. I started writing on HubPages exactly eight months ago and thought after completing my first article, boy will I ever finish 20 articles? I trudged on, typing was ( and continues to be) a major hurdle. It would take forever to type an article or hub. The words would not flow easily. I would start with some idea but always end up some place else. There have been times when I had decided to shut shop and forget that I ever embarked on a venture like this, but I never give up!

Yes, that is right, never give up! I would wake up in the middle of the night to reach those targets I had set for myself. There is no one else to motivate or monitor and yet I would work frantically to get each of those hubs up. They were never perfect,  not even now. 
I am not aiming to be perfect, I am realistic in my goals and approach.  I seek to excel in the things that I take up, one goal at a time.
 I have focused on improving my language and style of writing and each hub or article that I write has been for me another stepping stone to my goal.
I remember my humble beginnings, the times that I have struggled to get a word out, now it flows easily, it is the typing that stops my speed  .
Practice makes perfect. I desire to achieve excellence in whatever I do.
Now there are more ideas than I can handle. I want to write all the time, would you believe that?
The people that I have met while I write online, the lessons that I learn from the interactions with others have all impacted me heavily. I am grateful for the lessons that I continue to learn from their successes and failures. 
I wanted to share my experience here, so that those who think negatively, may believe in themselves and their potential.
Believe in yourself. Hone your skills, Work with vision and with direction and nothing shall be impossible for you!! 
Never underestimate your potential!! Never believe in the lies that negative people say.
Never look back, march on, press on until you have reached your goal. Determination and commitment are the keywords to achieving your goals!

Be a winner - Impossible is nothing!

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