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Thursday, April 14, 2011

A life worth living

Is your life worth living ?

I am sure at some point in your life you have asked yourself this question..is life worth living?  The answer may have been positive or negative, but this question does seem to cross our minds. 

Is life really worth living?
I think it is. Oh Yes I do! It is very worth it. It all depends on your attitude to life. 

How do you perceive life and all that it has to offer you?
On the internet sites I meet people who love to cry, seeking attention day after day, all day long. I am not talking about people with genuine problems, I am talking about whiners who find some reason to whine and cry about anything and everything. Can you imagine how these people handle their lives? They are so shallow that they do not think about loading on their woes to the carts of others. Piggy backing on others is another way of shifting responsibility.

How we handle the stress in our lives is what makes life worth living. 
Every time I am faced with stress and worries I take time to count all the good things that I have had until that moment that settles my frame of mind and my perception of things.
Next I attack my attitude towards road blocks and problems that crop up and come my way. I start out by focusing on how each problem, well handled has turned out in my favor. I start going over how difficult each situation was and how sweet each victory was.  This prepares me mentally to approach the problem with confidence and greater preparedness to face issues. 
Adequate mental preparation to face problems is half the battle won. 
People come in all shapes and sizes, with their ego and their negativity, negative people are like the thistles and thorns that are there in your path, it is better to avoid them rather than getting into situation which hurt and bruise you. Deciding your path and the battles that you want to fight is what makes life worth living. Every moment is a decision making moment and decision that are well thought out and well made are what make life really worth living. It is all about the art of living well. 
Today take time to think, be slow to decide and make the right decisions that take you in the right direction.

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