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Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Beautiful smile speaks of a great and positive attitude

Smile a beautiful smile from your heart....

Everyone loves a person who smiles and smiles beautifully. We are attracted towards babies who smile more often than cry. A beautiful smile speaks of confidence and a positive attitude. It gives people the signal that you are approachable and easy to get along with. A beautiful smile does not mean you need to be physically stunning. I have found that the best of smiles and the most beautiful smile comes from a heart that is content, happy and positive. A beautiful smile can often be the best form of positive, non verbal communication.

A smile from the heart can fill a dark day with brightness and a sunny day with love. It shines through your eyes and your lips, revealing the joy in your heart. It is the mirror to your heart and the best makeup at no cost. I have often looked at people and wondered how a smile would make all the difference and lighten up their face. 

The eyes shine brightly as the smile widens and adds beauty and luster to any dull face. 
It is not necessary to have the whitest set of perfect looking teeth to have a beautiful smile. It does take a heart with no worries and negativity to get that perfect smile out. No wonder actors and actresses spend hundreds of Dollars to get the perfect smile, if they have the right equipment, they can still fake it.  You don't need to spend so much on yourself, just smile from your heart and see the effect it produces.  

A smile is an inexpensive way to change your looks says Charles Gordy, but I would would go further to say that it most inexpensive way to change the way your life looks.  A smile diffuses the anger of others and softens the blow that seems threateningly near. I remember when we were travelling our motorbike and were stopped and checked for our driving licence, we seemed to have misplaced it amidst all our possession and innumerous baby stuff, the officer was getting terribly impatient with us. Just then our little baby woke up and gave him the widest of smiles, he was busy with our baby while we got the time to search peacefully without  having the officer breathing down our necks, soon the documents were produced, but he was still stuck to our baby. The power of a beautiful and innocent smile.

A beautiful smile can help you sail across language barriers and convey to the other that you mean to be an ally not a foe. It sparks positivity in others and make them glow inside. You are not the only one who benefits from the smile, it does exercise your face, but it does a mental jig in the other who watches your dazzling smile. It gives encouragement to others,  and boosts their confidence when you give them that smile that says well done. An appreciative smile lifts the heart of a person struggling with their work. A smile is the language that humans speak and needs no interpretation. It is understood by all and without difficulty. It is the language of a positive attitude

A smile is like a magnet that attracts people. It speaks positively of you before you even have the chance to speak your first words. Have you heard the saying first impression is the best impression. Well not all first impressions are best impressions, but a smile can definitely leave a positive impact on the people around you. It can at times do things more effectively than what your speech cannot do. Try it more often. It can make someones day, may be yours too.  Smile ON :) It is something that looks good on you, always :) 
Smile on :):):)

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