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Friday, May 20, 2011

Thinking Positively in a negative world

Thinking positively in a negative world sounds like a herculean task. There are more people who are negative than positive around you. It some times seems to pull you down to be amidst so much negativity, even when you are trying so hard to be positive. Thinking positively is an skill that you develop over a period of time and even then  sometimes because you are highly aware of your thoughts you do catch the negative thoughts taking a quick peep, but now as you have learned to keep your mind in control you shoo the negative thought out right away  and focus on the positive. 

We (my family and I)  have had some bad news come our way recently that caught us off guard. We were caught in the swirl and dragged so quickly down into that downward spiral, before we even had a chance to realize that.  Somehow within a couple of hours I realized what was happening and started injecting positive energy around the house. I went around speaking only positive words of faith and hope to everyone. Since we as a family understand the power of positive thinking, we were quick to change our words and speech and refused to think or vocalize negative thoughts.  In a matter of hours things started changing and looking much brighter than before.

We could not only see that things were looking brighter than before, we could also see the other options and the positive side of the very thing we dreaded. Now we are crying not about our woes but looking at ways to work through them. We are looking at different opportunities that now present themselves that we were blind to before. Being positive is not just a bunch of hype. Thinking positively opens your eyes to the possibilities that you never considered before. Positive thinking help you to approach people and opportunities with more hope and confidence.

I wasn't always a very positive person. I would describe myself as rather negative and moody. As I practiced the art of thinking positively,  it wasn't easy to start with. I have been frustrated and miserable at times when I couldn't control my mind and my thoughts. Yet I persisted, refused to give up and soon I was indeed seeing success a little at a time. I loved the feeling, I was happier, less grumpy and miserable. I started learning to be happy and found that it was easy . My take from it is - it was like any other skill the more effort you put at polishing the skill of thinking positively the more positive you become. 

I started being happy and found people wanted to be around me, I started teaching my family all I knew and then extended it to a small set of friends and later to many others.Thinking positively, I believe is the only way to live. Even the hardest of situations are made more easy to face and tackle. It seems now that I know but one way to think and that is positive. 

Thinking positively has made me more grateful for all that I am and have. It has also made me stop focusing on what I do not have and focus on what I have. It has helped me develop my resources rather than mourn about circumstances. Thinking positively has made me feel that I am in charge over my life and not the situations or circumstances that are beyond my control. Thinking positively has been a boon for now I am responsible and the buck stops here. This is indeed the power of positive thinking..and I truly enjoy that ..I wish you would too :) Have an awesome day!

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