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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Moving forward - you don't have to please people to move forward

Moving forward in life is something all of us desire to do. No one wants to be stuck in a rut. Somehow there are people who fall into the trap of thinking, that to move forward they need to please people. Yes, we need to ensure that people around us are happy and are cared for, but going out of the way to please people, just so that you can move forward reeks of lack of self-confidence and self-esteem. Moving forward in your career or in life is a primary need, but not at the cost of your self-esteem. It is as if you are being pressured to massaging the ego of others, because you do not believe enough in yourself and your abilities. 

This seems to be more of a habit, an addiction and a wrong way of thinking. When your energies are diverted to pleasing others with an ulterior motive you are doing yourself a great disservice.  

You are wasting time and effort that can be channeled towards improving your potential. 

Remember if you thought pleasing someone is easier than developing your potentials, think again. Though developing your potential  may seem harder and maybe even impossible if you do not believe in yourself sufficiently bear in mind, that it is an investment that is going to pay you all through life. Instead if you devote your life to pleasing someone remember that the demands are going to keep increasing as time goes by. 

People are going to take you for granted and start expecting you to behave the same way forever and this may cause a few problems when you decide to move forward. 

Pleasing others not because you want to make them happy, but because  you expect favors shows you in poor light. It makes people wonder why you suck up to them and they become  wary of your intentions. 

As an individual it also speaks of you as a person who needs approval from others all the time.  

It may also show you as a person with insecurities and with a fear of rejection

It may also mean that you value the opinions of others more than your own thoughts and opinions. 

The worst of all, that you do not take responsibility for your own life and are a social parasite. 

Whatever be the truth none of them are flattering to you as a person and none of these promote personal growth. 

Moving forward in life can be achieved with some self improvement techniques that are tailored to your needs. It calls for dedicated hard work, persistence and commitment.  The benefits that one can reap out of devoting time for self improvement can never be substituted by any number of favors received from others. I would strongly encourage you to be a your own person and be your own master.
The freedom to be you is priceless! Go ahead and be your best self! Move forward ... forge ahead :)

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