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Friday, June 10, 2011

Decision making skills - time to improve your decision making skills

Decision making is easy when the problem before you is simple. Difficult problems call for tougher and complicated decisions. There are people who take quick decisions and move ahead, and there are those other who dilly dally and put it off until they can put it off no further. There are those who consider and consider and can never come to a decision. There is that group of people who make decisions after giving it great thought. You may belong to anyone of those categories.  If you fall under the first or the last category there may be is nothing to worry about, except in the case of making impulsive or emotional decisions. Those in the middle have a few things to consider.

If you keep putting off your decision until it gets to a state that you cannot ignore it anymore, you may have caused more damage or ended up in a more difficult situation that when you started with. If you are one of those considering a billion possibilities and then ending up more confused than before here you may find some tips that help you. You really would be helped if you could take some measures to get over this as neither of these situations are healthy.

You need to make smart choices and sometimes real quick, because life today is fast. Why are some people better than others in decision making? Their experience, expertise, the information that is available to them, their ability to take risk and move forward are some reasons. With experience comes expertise, but these do not come if you will not stick your neck out to make the decision. Fear of failure or fear of  taking the wrong decision is one of the problems that causes people to slacken. Lack of confidence is another factor that hinders you from making decisions.

You need to make an educated choice, that is what decision making is all about. So go out there and collect all the information that you need to make your decision. You need determination to move ahead. The other thing about making decisions is doing the right thing. Yes, you need to be sure that you are doing the right thing.

List out your options,  go through the options taking time to consider the feasibility of each one. Short list the best ones and nail down the one that is most plausible and right for you. This calls for brainstorming, if you need to involve people in your decisions this is the time. if you have to make the decision your self go to the next step.

Think critically - I mean think from a different point of view. Creative thinking or thinking from a different perspective will help you look at your problem objectively and clearly. To aid you in the critical thinking process ask all the questions you need to know about. find the answers, this would make your job more objective and your approach more impersonal. Emotional decisions are the worst,  and this will help you from making emotional decisions.

Take a calculated risk after evaluation. Be determined to go through your decision once you have taken it..
Taking a risk calls for confidence and the strength to face the consequences. Remember that failure is the other side of success and you can always learn from failures, the are not the end just a new beginning. So go ahead and make a decision.

Commitment to make your decision work is what will see you through. Do not entertain doubts at this stage. No looking back, just move forward. Your commitment will see you through all the hurdles that may come your way.
If you hold on and do not give up success and self confidence will be yours to enjoy.


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