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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Living in the now

How to Live in the now

Living in the past or living in the future causes us to forget to live in the now. We forget to savour the minute. The past glory is in the past, while the future depends on what you do today. If we do not live our today’s meaningfully then we have lost our tomorrows and our past would not be something worth remembering.  The decision to make each day meaningful, happy and worthwhile, is the first the first step to living in the now. Approaching each person or situation with a positive attitude and making the best of it, is what makes the now valuable. If I cannot enjoy the present what is the guarantee that I will enjoy the future. Make what is good better and what is not so good, meaningful. The past is really the past, it cannot be altered or changed but somehow our memories always make it appear brighter and better. This is because we are looking at things that have been accomplished and not the finer details that make our now. Without the minute details our accomplishments of the past would have never been possible.

Living in the present  and enjoying it, what is meant by facing the challenges of life. When our present moments are faced and every challenge accepted and overcome we have an illustrious past to remember and relish. Our accomplishments may be more than we even thought possible. Living in the future is only an idealistic paradise consisting of if’s and when’s and nothing solid or firm to hold on to.

Dreams have their place but cannot become life itself.  Without action and facing the challenges of life today dreams will remain dreams only.  Dreams of the future are what give direction to our present moments, but we need to live these moments and make those choices that take us to our destination, if not we are truly lost.

The past is what gives us the strength to look forward tour present and our future. If we only live in the past, it means that we have a great disregard for the present and we are not investing enough into the now to make it count. If we boast of great exploits in the past but have nothing to show for the present, it could also mean we have stopped living the life we were meant to live and we are becoming stagnant. It would also tell us that our coping skills have also become obsolete and we do not belong to the present times, in which we live.  We are merely existing in the now while we are actually living in memories and fantasies of the past . Yes, I say fantasies because our memories are not always perfect so we fill in the gaps with fantasies of what would have been.

It is time to stop dreaming and start living in the now.   Life is not a series of pleasant happenings, it is a mix of ups and downs and high and lows. It is how the highs and the lows of life are conquered by the now’s that becomes our past and our futures. It is living in the now that counts.

Live the moment!! Decide to enjoy every bit of your life :) Have a great day!!

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