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Thursday, June 23, 2011

The comfort zone - step out of your comfort zone (self improvement)

The comfort zone

All of us have our comfort zones. Our comfort zone is that familiar place or, job, or routine that we are happy going through everyday, but are unwilling to go beyond what is comfortable.  When we are comfortable we do not want to leave that nest that we have built, it is our zone of emotional security. Most of us are creatures of routine and familiarity breeds comfort and a feeling or warmth and fuzziness around us. We are comfortable doing things the same way all the time. The same route to the office, shop at the same places, mix with the same people and living in the same well. We are so comfortable in our comfort zone that  even to deviate a little from it ruffles our feathers too much. We are stuck in the mud of stagnation and can get left behind by a society that is dynamic and changing fast.

Step out of your comfort zone

Before you get out of your comfort zone you need to know what is stopping you from getting out
Are you afraid of facing new situations and new people?
Are you afraid of what people will think if you stumble?
Are you afraid of becoming uncomfortable and lonely?
Are you worried about your lack of familiarity?

You can be happy doing the same things and being stuck to the same place, but remember you are not growing. You are the person that you allow yourself to become. You are cramped by fears. Your life is stilted by lack of courage and boldness. Your knowledge is limited by your lack of new experiences. It is time you left your comfort zone.

Getting out of my comfort zone..

I was a creature of routine many years ago. Happy in my own warm, familiar world. My comfort zone did not permit me to gain new experiences and widen my horizons, I was happy but stagnant in certain ways. I was cramped by fear of facing the new and the unknown. When my circumstances changed I was forced to make a decision, I decided to move forward despite the fact that I would be uncomfortable. I learnt a few things  when I stepped out of my comfort zone..

Getting stuck in your comfort zone in a way means rejecting change.

Getting out of your comfort zone is so vital to your personal growth. It is what helps you widen your horizons and motivates you to learn new things.

New experiences may seem  threatening to some. They push you out of your comfort zone, but they are what define your limits and your life. If not for new experiences our lives would be boring and without change.

Getting out of your comfort zone may naturally mean discomfort and that you would be ill at ease in your new environment. It also means that you are forced to do things that you are not accustomed to do. This is the only way to learn new skills, like doing a particular task or interacting with people which you have been putting away for a long time because you are not comfortable doing it - I say ‘not comfortable doing it’ and not not capable of doing it.

Stepping out of your comfort zone helps you develop your potential, that has been neglected because you had been happy doing what you do.

Getting out of your comfort zone helps you face your fears of what will people think about you, or the fear of the unknown or maybe fear of failure

How can I step out of my comfort zone

Great question. Decide. Yes, you first need to decide to get out of the well you live in and explore the larger world.

Face your fears. Take a few small steps at a time. Do that thing that you have a problem with or that very thing that you have been putting off because of your fear. Take note of the finer details, familiarize yourself with the setup, take help if you need but make sure that you do it alone soon enough.

Fill your mind with positive thoughts and feeling about the place or the task that you have to accomplish.

Educate yourself. Observe how things are done. Read up, talk to people, get information from every source you can. This makes you mentally familiar with your environment and you know what to expect. This will put you at ease to a certain extent.

Rope in some help, if you are afraid to go it alone take a friend. Someone who is sociable and open to new interactions. This will help you make new acquaintances, which in turn gives you a familiar feeling about the task at hand.

Pep yourself up and keep track of all your achievements however small they might be, celebrate your every victory.

Team up with your new acquaintances but never neglect to form newer ones. Have fun while doing so and you will soon overcome the unfamiliar and your fears.

Take small risks as you feel comfortable. This is what keeps you learning and moving forward. Because it is easy to settle back into your comfort zone once again.

Go on, get out and learn. Don’t stop learning.. Getting stuck in your comfort zone is the death of learning. As you learn and widen your horizons your self-confidence grows by leaps and bounds.

There is a lovely, big world out there.. don’t get comfortable with your small well...

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