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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Personal Development starts with self awareness ( self growth)

Personal development and self growth
Personal development or self growth starts with self-awareness. What is self awareness? Self awareness is the state of being able to objectively view yourself and judge your behavior. Self awareness makes it possible to be in control over your thoughts, emotions, needs, desires, behavior and not to be overtaken by your mind and your feelings.

Self awareness
Self awareness should start with awareness of your thoughts. What kind of thoughts you think? Do you have control over your thoughts and direct them or do they overtake your mind and decide the way your thoughts should go. A person with self-awareness ensures that the thought that come into his/her mind is purposeful and positive. Thoughts have the immense power and power is best directed creatively. To channel your thoughts you need to walk the path of self awareness.
Your emotions are the second area where self-awareness is needed. Just think of those days and times when your mood was awful and you did not feel like doing anything at all. Think of the hours that were wasted doing nothing and feeling miserable and worthless. If you let your emotions drive your life, you are in for trouble. Being aware of your emotions and controlling them with thoughts and action is what you need to be doing. Checking your mood before it turns sour and channeling your emotions to activities enjoy doing will help you remain happy majority of the time.
Needs and desire are something that need to be reality based. When we talk about needs and desires we shall include physical or bodily needs and desire too. Your needs or cravings should not control the way you think or feel or behave. The desire to posses something should not be your ruling factor, the desire to accomplish and make a difference should be. Your values should guide your desires and a strong reign needs to be exerted when they tend to cross the line. Self awareness helps all you stand for should rein supreme.
Your behavior is the result of your thoughts. Sometimes despite the fact that you want to think positive, but you think, speak and behave in a negative fashion. Your behavior shows that it is in conflict with your deep seated knowledge. It takes self awareness to bring about unity or wholeness or integrity of personality to be an effective person.
Self awareness is what makes you confident and come across as a strong individual. It is brings about personal development and self growth.
We shall continue to understand how to become self aware in the next blog post. Have an awesome day :) 



  1. Many people these days lack true awareness of their environment and even sadder, an awareness of themselves.

    Lao-Tzu, once said that, 'He who knows others is wise; He who knows himself is enlightened.'

    I believe that the more we become aware of ourselves, the more we can live to our true potential as individuals, and so live the best lives that we each deserve.

    Those who don't really know themselves and lack self-awareness are handicapping their true potential.

    I enjoyed your post and thanks for sharing these excellent thoughts.

  2. Ritchie, thank you for your insightful comment.
    Plato would say Know thyself, because he knew that it is the place from where to begin your discovery of the world.