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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Self-improvement - Seven steps to happiness in life

Seven steps to happiness in life

Happiness is the most sought after thing in the world. I am sure no one would ever decline happiness and why should they?. Happiness is indeed the natural or moral right of everyone on the face of the earth. The sad part is happiness is not a commodity that you need to run after, it is within you to summon up your resources and make yourself happy. 

Here I suggest seven steps to happiness in life. Yes, happiness is a state of mind that is you are in control of. It is a decision to remain in a particular state of mind. Are you saying that doesn’t work? can I ask you a question? Have you ever told yourself that you will remain angry with someone because they hurt you and remain that way no matter what.. well if you can do that you can remain happy too. Have you also noticed the more you pretend the more angry you get. I can see that you are getting the drift... in this article I discuss the seven steps to finding real happiness in life.

Prioritize or as Steven covey would say first things first. You need to find the things or activities that make you happy. This would be different for different people - though family, relationships, passion or interests, spirituality etc. are often the most common things that make people happy. Find your key to happiness and allocate more time to it. What you do most of your time is what remains with you most of your life. Make these things your priority, for example business may be important but it may not give you the happiness that your family or relationship brings you. Give it its rightful place in your life. Organize your other activities around it. The other activities are all meant to maintain and aid the primary objective. It would be wonderful to keep this in mind all the time and not lose focus of it if you want happiness in life. 
Keep life simple to find happiness in life. Minimize the clutter and keep life simple . Too many activities and interests take up too much energy and your focus is spread all over the place. De-clutter your life of all those activities that are not so important, but take too much of your time and stop you from adequately focusing on your goal. Clutter in terms of hoarding material possession, or collecting rubbish hoping that someday you will put it to good use should also be taken into account.

Live within your means. I am never tired of giving this piece of advice, there are more people who need this than we think. Never spend the money that you do not yet have on hands. Credit card spending is just that. Plan your finances in such a way that after you basic and primary needs are budgeted, you include the secondary but necessary expenses, now add your monthly saving to it and what you have left is what you can use for planning your holiday or second car or second house. This cuts out impulsive spending and waste of precious resources.

Take care of your health. A good exercise routine and a healthy, balanced, natural diet should be on high on your list of priority. It is better to promote health and prevent disease than battle with it, waste your financial resources and live a life that is hardly a life worth talking about. 

Butterfly by Sofs Su
The small things in life are what make you happy. The orchid that blooms in my window sill can thrill me to no end. The butterfly that I have captured on film, fills me with pride and joy. The little things are what make life beautiful. Relationships and people are fragile and need to be handled with care. Do not go through life like a tornado, take time to tell people you love and care for them, It may be too late when you decide that you want them. Take time to smell the roses and enjoy each moment relishing every bit of it. Make each day count.

Stop complaining and learn to live positively. Perception is what makes things as they seem, look at your environment with a positive attitude and it will work things out positively for you. Negativity kills life in the womb, with positivism you can’t go very wrong. 
Never say never, act and you will get somewhere. At least you would have tried rather than watch life pass by you.

Never stop learning, never stop doing good. A powerful principle I have learned over the years that never fails to bring me happiness. Learning is empowering yourself to life an enriched and meaningful life, whilst doing good takes the focus from it being all about you to the other people who need help. When you look around and see the problems of others you little worries pale in comparison. Make a difference in the lives of others in your own small way, think beyond your needs, you will find true happiness in life.

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