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Monday, September 12, 2011

Personal development - Personal branding for success

Building and establishing a personal brand is making a mark for yourself. I would simplify the whole concept to say that it is making yourself known for certain qualities. The moment people meet you or hear your name it is your personal attribute quality or brand that comes to their mind. When you hear a friend mention a name even though you do not know the person well you say,” oh that vivacious young lady” or “that confident young woman” . This would mean that the person has a brand identity. It is other peoples perception of you and what you stand for. I had discussed packing and presenting yourself a few days ago on my blog, this is another way of looking at packaging and presenting yourself. But what we need to remember is that, this is not an act. This is a way of presenting yourself or what you are and for what you stand. 

Why do you need to have a brand? Well, that is the way you are known. I am not speaking about popularity here, what I mean is that, it is your personal logo. When you see a that golden + on a car you identify it as the Chevy logo or Chevrolet. Why? Because it catches your attention, the color the design and attractiveness of the logo - I would also like to mention the simplicity of the logo, that is so easy to remember the maker.
Identify your brand - How do people see you? what values or qualities do you represent the most. It is so easy to figure this out. Keep a watch on what you love to write about, or speak about or feel passionately about. Do people see you as representing these qualities or it is just how you see yourself? This is not play acting but establishing your identity, your qualities need to shine through. These qualities have to be in you , you cannot fake them for long.

Establishing your brand. You are not in competition with others for a brand name as in the case of products, so this is easy. Focus on those qualities that you have identified as representing you and make them shine out. Develop these qualities, work on them and make your passion show up for you.

Visibility is gained slowly as you develop your personal brand. Your become known as the self-help expert or personal development Guru over a period of time. It would be wise not to over promote yourself as it cannot not stand up to the test of time. Nothing happens over night but you need to work slowly and steadily to see a change.Your visibility gives you a career boost, a name and standing in professional circles, that is what personal branding can do for you. 
Passion and individuality is what it speaks more loudly about. Personal brand makes you stand out in the crowd and be known for who you are. Your zeal and passion provide that lift you need to soar high. I am not keen on popularity votes, but I still would like to be known for the right things than for all the wrong things. What you love, you do more often, what you do becomes a part of you in a period of time. So let your passion take the right direction and help you create the personal branding you need.

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