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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Self-improvement - Packaging and presenting yourself - Interpersonal skills

Self-development - Interpersonal skills 

It is important to package and present yourself for the job the assignment or that you desire to get yourself into. Very often we package ourselves the way we have been, our thoughts and our actions tell others where we come from, but they rarely reflect our destination or goal.

I have seen many a wanna be writer online using slangs and cuss words, which is not so becoming of their profile of a writer who wants to be taken seriously. They just have not packed themselves sufficiently well for the job. You need to walk the talk. People can sense things about you even though they do not see you, just by reading your content online.

It is all the more important when you have to present yourself for an interview or to a social group that could be your potential business clients.

It is great to accept yourself as you are, but when you need to be accepted for your professional or social or even academic attributes, you need to package yourself well. It is like selling a product, no one puts out a badly packaged product in the market. The product is made appealing to the customer in so many ways, even before the product is launched the packaging starts to work it way into the minds of people. The marketing people decide on the reach of the product, which target group it caters to, which line should they tow while advertising the product and make it appealing to the customer. Then comes the product itself, They decide how it needs to catch the eye of the customer despite the competition.

The packaging does not remain the same over the years, it changes with the times and the requirements. How can we not change and make ourselves more presentable than these product we buy for a dime a dozen?

We need to keep abreast of the changes around us. Especially in the area of technology, functional knowledge and maybe even physical appearances. There are so many products and services available in the market today that help us look fairly good even in our advancing years, so why not make use of them without going in for dramatic changes.

Technological changes really need us to be on our feet. The Internet that is widely available to us is a great tool to help us keep abreast. The base of knowledge that we had acquired as college graduate has now changed so much and new information is being added to it everyday. The language we us, the way we communicate or our interpersonal skills may also need to a little tweaking. We need to keep all this in mind and package ourselves attractively for the job at hand.

To be accepted for your professional skills and knowledge is great, it boosts your self esteem. But if you do not package yourself well for the market you may remain on the shelves, left behind, because other products though of lesser value have better packaging than you. I do not mean that there are no loyal customers, but the value of what you could have been would now never be known because you underplayed the way you presented yourself in the market place.

Change is the essence of life, whether it is the way we look or think or approach others. We need to be changing and evolving constantly. Learning is the way to go. No one is to old to change or be repackaged.

Get ready for the best !!

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