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Monday, August 29, 2011

Learning to be happy - self-improvement

To be happy is easy !!
Learning to be happy is easy!

Take a census and ask what people want they the most, they would tell you that they want to be happy. I do, yes I want to be happy, though I am, to a fairly large extent. Happiness is a subjective state. That makes it easy to handle it, because the only person involved in it is you, as it is your subjective view of the things happening around you.
“Hey, you have got it all wrong” you are saying. “It is the people around me that ruin my happiness.”
I have news for you, if the people around you are controlling your state of mind, you are not your own person. You are a puppet.  I suppose you don’t like me saying that about you.. well think of it again, you need to take control of your state of mind. You need to live your own life. Let them live theirs. It is your birth right to be happy.
If people around you say things that hurt and pain you, you need to know something - they can only react from who they are, that does not mean you are that person that they make you out to be. If you let untruth prevail over you and let their words trouble you, you may actually believe in what they are saying. Now if I tell you the sun rises in the West, you would just laugh at me and because you consider me ignorant. You are also aware of the higher level of the truth that you possess within you and you would tend to ignore me. React in the same way when people say the wrong things about you.
Arguing with people makes you angry and unsettled. Make your stance clear and let it be. I often refuse to prove my point, I believe in myself and don’t have to prove anything to anyone, that is the stand I take. This way I can hold my peace.
Be the first to be nice to someone. Very often we are waiting for people to be good to us, but never make the effort from our side. Be good and don’t expect people to return it, though most people react positively, some are defensive and negative most of the time. That is the way they live their life, let them be.
Smile often, laugh more and enjoy what you do all the time. I decide to keep myself happy no matter what. I refuse to entertain negative thoughts and emotions and focus on enjoying the moment.
Hard times are a part of life. If you are mourning and complaining about it, you miss the opportunity of a lifetime. I have been going through some difficult times lately. I am so thankful for this, because I have learned so many skills while dealing with these problems.  Being happy is easy even now in difficult times, focus on the learning and enjoy the new skills and mastering situations. On the other hand I would have been happy and inert or stunted if not for the tough times
Don’t go through life as if it was a mourning, go through it as if it was a fair, you see some interesting things, some fun things, some not so interesting things and probably some disgusting things. When you have been through it all, you have learned, enjoyed and ignored stuff but you always think of the fun you had. Choose to be happy.
Chose the things that make you happy, and focus on them, spend more time on them.  
There are useless negative things that take up so of your time. You need to ask yourself - do I learn and grow by spending time and energy on such things Or do I waste time and feel miserable focusing on them? If your answers is you are wasting time - you know what you have to do to be happy. Focus on growth and being happy is part of the package.

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