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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The power of the mind - get it working

The power of the mind is under constant attack, the voices in your mind are in a power struggle to get to the seat of power. Everyone hears them, no, I am not talking about hallucinations here. We have voices in our mind, sometimes positive and sometimes negative. Often they could play the role of a judge and a commentator of all that we do or do not do. It is our ability to silence some, while heeding others is what establishes the power of the mind. 
In your mind  there is this voice that is your worst critic and then there is a voice that has a more positive attitude towards you. You need to find which is the dominating voice and work on it. If you let the negative harsh voice dominate your mind this will be the power of the mind that rules your thoughts and action all through your life.
This may be the voice that undermine your confidence telling you that you cannot  do anything right .. these broad sweeping statement can never be completely true. No one is so bad, that they can’t do anything right. You have to get somethings right. So this is the voice that you need to handle and get it to mellow down.
No matter where the voice comes from, (internal or external) when it tells you that you are no good, you need to learn to ignore it right away. You need to believe in yourself.
Self-confidence is all about self-belief and faith in oneself.
If on the other hand the dominant voice keeps telling you that you are the best and no one can match your ability - beware. This is the route to self destruction. It is great to believe in oneself, but to be overconfident is to over estimate your potential. This leads to a situation where the motivation to learning new skills can be dampened by a sense of overconfidence. You may slowly find yourself being under prepared for the exigencies in life.
You need to strike the right balance, to be able to be able to make good use of that voice of your mind. Taking the opinions of your peers and mentors could give you a fair idea of your potential. This needs to be weighed in the light of your perception of your skills and potential.
The recording or journaling of your achievements or the lack of them enables you to have a reality check over a period of time.
Teach the critic to respect your potential and let your confidence grow, or maybe tone down your over confidence and keep an open mind to learning, but whatever you, do get a reality check. You need to learn to make good use of the power of the mind.

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