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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

White lies - How lies hurt you

Lies .. white lies and exaggeration

Every day we tend to say lies, call them whites or exaggeration or anything you want- a lie is a lie. Lies tend to cause a niggling feeling within us and leave us disturbed. Sometimes they just gush out before you know. It is never a great feeling. Lying is so common that to say, I don’t lie will often be met with a great degree of skepticism.
Lies hurt - whether they are white lies or just a little exaggeration.
They hurt you when it is about you - you are worried, when people will catch up with your lies and swoop down on you.
It hurts others and causes great damages in relationship, when it is about others or your relationship with others.
A little exaggeration seems okay, but it raises peoples expectations of you, and you constantly need to live up to it, which raises your stress and anxiety levels.
Fancy stories often ring untrue or they easily found out. So instead of impressing others you end up getting their disapproval.
If you frequently utter lies to keep up the original lie, you tend to start believing in the lie and the line between truth and lies is blurred.
People tend to discount your words and take only what they perceive as the truth. You stand to loose your credibility.
Though you may get out of unwanted situation or confrontation, you may need to realize that these methods are neither healthy or worth practicing in the long run.
Fear of being found out as a liar or a fake could haunt you.
You lose your peace and sanity over these lies.
You come across as an insecure person who needs to lie and live in a make believe world.
The conflicts that you create within yourself and in the social milieu that you live in, tend to over whelm you as you add on.
It is a nasty habit that starts becoming so a much a part of you so that people start identifying you by that trait. Labels and nicknames follow you or precede you - what is commonly known a bad reputation.
If you need to know - Why do you lie ? or How can you stop lying? here is some resource that you would find of great use to you

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  1. These people lie to make themselves look better. They don't feel like they measure up so they lie their way through life. Sad indeed.

    Have a terrific day. :)