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Thursday, November 17, 2011

How to find yourself.... finding yourself

Sofspics - finding yourself
How to find yourself, finding yourself, be yourself

Sounds like a piece of cake... why do you need to write an article on this? Is it easy as it sounds? I am not so sure. One of the hardest things to do, is, to find yourself.
More often than not we confuse ourselves for what we think we are or what we aspire to be, as what we really are.
How then do you find yourself? you may ask.
Often, what we believe of ourselves may not be the same as what others think of us. If you think a whole bunch of people are mistaken or do not understand you ...think again. There could be two sides to this, one is you might be projecting yourself wrongly or you may lack self-awareness.
There should be an intersection where your opinion of yourself match with what others think...this is the area where there is clarity. Most often than not, this could be about your talents and potential which is clearly visible and can be measured easily and simple stuff like what you like to eat or watch..
This other part of you, your thoughts and attitudes should be something that you could easily keep track of, if you decide to write them down or become aware of your active thinking processes.
Your motives or why you do the things you do or just the way you do them.. could be a tricky area, which takes a great deal of honesty and integrity from your side to become exposed even to you. You could hide them from yourself as easily as you could hide them from the world. A deep, long look within, could tell you if you are willing to admit the profound truths about who you are. I do not know of a better way of you ever finding yourself, other than to explore the depths of your being.
There are those secret parts that remain hidden from you and buried deeply into your unconscious mind. It may come up during sleep or deep moments of meditation or super-conscious levels. This takes a lot of training and effort, but it is not impossible.
Being yourself is possible, as you become open and ready to accept some information, which you had attempted to keep away from the world and become comfortable with yourself. You could find your inhibitions melting away and that it is easy to share of yourself. When you reveal more of yourself, you would also find a whole new world opening out to you.
Find yourself and live it. Yes, be honest to yourself, change what can be changed and live the life you have always wanted to live.
Integrity and honesty is what we need. Watch out for all excuses you give yourself, they may give you a clue. Often when people say “I don’t care vehemently” that is when I know what hurts them the most. It is okay to admit your weaknesses, actually it is important to admit them for some serious self improvement to take place in you.
In finding yourself you might find a new life.. track your thoughts and you might find yourself hidden among them.

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