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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Finding inner peace

sofspics- inner peace
Finding inner peace in this busy, busy world is an remarkable thing. Conflicts abound wherever you go, you do not even have to look for it, it comes looking for you!
To keep away from it all is a mammoth effort indeed. I wanted to write about inner peace just when I am feeling that beautiful light feeling inside of me. Before you jump to conclusions let me tell you that I have my own set of problems. Inner peace is what you have despite the problems and not just when life is one merry ride.
When you make the right decision you feel it within you, when you let go you feel it within you, when you create you feel it within you, when you connect you feel great peace.
You control your peace, did you know?
The Bible says you shall be filled with inner peace as you are enlighten yourself with the knowledge of God.
The right decision may not feel right to your flesh, it may even hurt you. I made a decision to break away, I hurt, I cried, I missed - but the inner peace was there. I knew I should have done it sometime ago, but better late than never. That friendship wasn’t helping me..I always ended up hurting and taking responsibility for what was never my mistake in the first place. But the bond the affection that I had developed for this person kept me in that clasp.
Our values conflicted, my priorities went hay wire and my life which was heaven on earth was losing its sheen. I made my decision. A painful, but peaceful one. I am at peace, full of inner peace, so light that I can fly, a feeling that I haven’t felt for a while. I am glad I made my decision.
Let go, yes, again I say let go.. it is not worth it to carry bitterness and misery around, because you are hurting yourself. Somethings need to be left behind, negative feelings, sadness, bitterness, anger, jealousy etc.. Do it for yourself. For the sake of your inner peace.
Take time to create, some craft, some art, may be a story or a poem and you will feel that peace. I am talking about a pleasant creation, not a tempestuous or horrifying one, this will leave you in a disturbed state of mind. I make decorative candles, paint beautiful landscapes, or write an inspiring poem.  Creating beautiful things gives you great inner peace, it also gives peace to those who behold your work.
Connect, yes connect with your inner self. If you are so busy that you cannot connect with your emotions and cannot relate well to the people around you, what an impoverished life you would lead. Connect with those strong emotions within you, delve deep into those sensors in you that make you stand in awe of the enthralling beauty around you. Skip and dance with joy and maybe let out a whoopee, but connect with your inner self and feel the deep appreciation, harmony and inner peace within yourself and in the things around you.
Let Peace reign within!!

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