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Friday, October 28, 2011

Don’t be limited by your mind - Self improvement

Expand your mind
We are often limited by what we think. The other day I was asked to write something, that was in many ways limited, and as I read the instructions I thought, oh! this is not my culture, not my style, not my way of thinking, but I still wrote it and you guessed it, the results were nothing worth talking about.

My approach to the subject was wrong. Had I looked at it as a challenge, a possibility, a new idea or opportunity I would have made something of my experience. Your mind is your limit.

On the other hand, I saw a forum discussion on how difficult it was to compete in a poetry contest for which one had to write five hundred words. I was not planning to enter the competition myself but thought it would be a great challenge. I thought of a subject and put pen to paper (rather banged away at my keypad) five hundred words were not a problem at all is what I discovered. It is your thinking! You are your worst enemy!

I keep training my mind and saying to myself I am not limited by anything, age, health, language, subject etc. But when I am not so alert, negative thoughts creep in and spoil the opportunities that could have taken me places.

Being alert is a way to keep your mind open to new possibilities and not letting your negative thoughts put a cap on your ability.

"There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so". says Shakespeare in Hamlet, there can be no truer saying than that. There is nothing which can deter you if you decide it is not a problem.

‘I have no time’, ‘I do not know this’,’I cannot understand’, ‘Math is hard’,’I am not good at it’, etc are ways of limiting your mind. Consider how many times and in how many ways you limit your potential.
If you had opened your mind to the opportunities you would have mastered more things in your lifetime than you currently have.Your mind is the most powerful resource, you have learn to optimise it. Try a new thing every day... especially those things which you always thought not possible, like rappelling or bungee jumping or maybe less weird stuff that you have been afraid to face, public speaking for example.

Expand your mind, teach yourself a new skill. We are never too old to learn, it is all in the mind. My seventy nine year old neighbour taught herself to paint a year ago and now she does such great work, that so may of her friends (her age) have been inspired to do the same. Her arthritis and blood sugar levels have no power over her mind. She is my inspiration too.

Be around people who inspire you. 

Leave your comfort zone, push yourself to go a little further.

Never stop learning, practice what you learn.

Challenges and oppositions are great, regard them as your friends.

Think creatively, think laterally.

Find your passion and explore newer territories.

Enjoy what you do and you will find your comfort zone expand.

Get the best of your life..live it to the hilt.

Read articles on self-improvement or inspirational quotes and let them inspire you. 

All you need to do is to take the limits off your mind and you will see your personality bloom and change like it has never been before.

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