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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Are you Bored at work - What to do when bored at work

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How to handle boredom at work

Are you bored at work? If you are bored at work, you are missing something, the main thing perhaps. You need to have fun doing what ever you are doing . Could you have made a mistake in your choice of career? 

Do you think work is drudgery and you would be better off doing some other job? If you do, then you have two options - a) quit your job and make what you really love your job b) become passionate about your work or just start loving what you do. Although the first seems like an easy option, it could be an easy way of running away from the problem, you could end up without a job or with another that doesn't really help you sustain yourself. You need to be practical and start learning to love what you do and not look for the elusive pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
Tips to handle Boredom at work

You may often catch yourself saying ‘Oh no, it is boring’. Maybe true, but the whining has to stop. If you are suggesting things to your brain, it picks up and acts on it making things unbearable. Stop the excuses and the reasoning, you are making it hard on yourself.

Take time to write all the positive things about work. Does it get you your daily bread week after week month after month. Do you have a reason to get out of bed each morning, do you have friends at work, does it allow for some fun, do you have your moments of ‘Great job’ ‘well done’!! You need to work on those moments.

Having written all that you like about your job, make sure you write all the things you do not like about your job - say for example monotonous filing. Be truthful and list things as they are.

Now pair one thing you do not like to do with one things you like to do. For example filing with tea time with friends or after work when you could invite a friend over to your desk.

Pairing pleasant and unpleasant chores together could make you feel better.

Remind yourself of all the great things about your work. I can buy a new dress, go out to dine in a classy restaurant or whatever takes your fancy, but well within your limits.

Remind yourself of the times between jobs or with a previous job and how you felt then. As a HR Manager I was shocked to see a sea change in the attitude of people within one year of getting the job. I would remember the terrible anxiety and worry on their faces before the interview and their demands now that they are in. It may be a great idea to do that every once in a while. Remember your beginnings.. but don't stay there.

Take time to make what you do enjoyable. I used to hate the whole process of shortlisting resumes..and at times I would have hundreds and hundreds of resumes to look through each day. I started making it sound like fun by making a quick a speech with each resume I rejected, I would make up a funny speech to tell the person why he/she would not fit in... Sometimes these imagined speeches came in handy as the same candidate would drop in or call up to find out why they have not been called even before our rejection letters reached them.

Silly as it sounds it made life bearable. You need to know something, my being cheerful behind the mounds of resumes often surprised people and soon I was asked to do the things I loved. The word got around about how good I was with people, I got my promotion.

Use your time to get some training or some extra skills. This is what I did, I would offer to help someone with some interesting thing that I could do and which was connected with my job. I not only enhanced my skills doing that but also created positive vibes in the department.

Help others whom no one bothers about, I had two office assistants who would help me shred unused resumes, open the envelopes and place them on my desk before I begin my day and many other odds and ends in the department. I taught these young men to work on Microsoft Word and roll out reject letters by the tons. These young men have now become the most important people in the office..many have come and gone to better pastures but they remain there.. because of the skills they learned. I feel good, even today, many years later to think that these men’s futures are secure.

Imagine the good things that can come out of your job. My Job made me so important that every business head would call me to ask if I needed help with recruitment for his/her department, they were ready to send their staff to assist me.

Your attitude counts. Yes it does, I can vouch for that. My attitude always took me places. I got the best friends, people went out of their way to help me, brought me gifts at Christmas and my birthday ..which I thought no one knew about, people made positive mentions about me to my boss when I least expected it.

It pays to have a great attitude. When there are millions of people with a stinking attitude, you, with your great positive attitude stand out tall and clearly visible.

I never speak a negative words about anyone or anything, well almost. This has been a blessing in many ways. I always list out the positives when asked about my job, and most people think it is very glamorous... well it is for me, because it is the only job I have and I'd better be proud of it. It keeps me going day after day.

It never allows me to be bored with what I do or complain about the things I have to do ..they are well within my scope to make them seem interesting!

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