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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Self improvement - giving back or self-giving

sofspics self improvement
The concept of self-development / self improvement is about how you as an individual can be a productive, happy, efficient and effective member of the social milieu you belong to.
Giving back is as important as receiving. I find more people willing to take, even grab from generous person, but reluctant to give back.
Let me share a little story here, I mentor a few young people from the lowest strata of society and often listen to their adventures and hopes. These young men once told me something that troubled me. These young teenagers worked in a restaurant just before Christmas so that they could buy some gifts and clothes for Christmas with their salaries. The organization  that recruited them, a multinational, gave each of them an expensive pair of jeans and branded Tee shirts since it was Christmas time. Instead of being motivated to work harder for the organization, these young men walked away taking something that was not theirs by right. They grabbed the clothes and quit the job hastily as their needs were met. Their values and intentions caught my attention.
Generosity dies a living death when it is rudely shaken with violent grabbing.
Giving back leaves you with a sense of satisfaction, far greater, than the financial benefits of doing something can give you.
Giving back may take more time and effort from your side, but it pays rich dividends.
A sense of self worth and confidence could be the result of genuine giving.
Giving or self-giving often produces fruit that is unexpected. Sowing seeds of kindness and overlooking the faults of others could win you friends and followers that you thought was impossible.
It can change lives and bring happiness into those lives that need it the most.
My son brought home a young man with him one day, I gave them dinner and spent some time with the young man, I heard a story of need and ambition. I decided to be not just a mentor but to be a benefactor in some ways. Today the young man is more than a son to me. I am proud of his achievements more than I have ever been of mine. Today I have a friend and a supporter for life.
Be prepared for disappointments, not everyone responds positively to your generosity, there are more grabbers than we imagine out there and this bring us to the point of your intentions.
If your intention in giving is to receive, then it is not worth the giving. That is not true giving in the first place, it is mercenary trading.
Beware your actions do not belie your intentions, give to make someone happy.
Give with all your heart, that will surely make you a better person, a better person for life.


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