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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Self-improvement - Mentoring

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Are you interested in self-improvement? Mentor someone today. I am saying this in right earnest, mentor someone, if you thought mentoring someone - perhaps some youth or a child or even a colleague at work is doing them a favour you may have to change your opinion by the time to get to the end of this short article.
Mentoring or informal sharing or transferring of knowledge is a great way to keep abreast of things. Changes keep happening in every field, as new development takes place, more often older people get used to their ways of functioning and understanding. While mentoring a younger individual with fresh knowledge or possibly very less knowledge on the subject, you make an effort to blend theory with the practical experience and share the richness of your knowledge with someone.. and while teaching you always get fresh and new insights.
Mentees teach you to be patient and the help you see yourself as you have once been. They teach you to be slow, and unassuming. They help put things into perspective for you.
Counselling is apart of mentoring. More often than not you need to counsel  your protegees. It is not enough to teach or pass on the knowledge, but also understand and appreciate them as human beings. The effectiveness of your mentoring will depend on the level of their ability to learn adjust and adapt to the changes around them.
Your ability to see the potential in the individual and hone their skills which maybe latent and sometimes which the mentee himself/herself is unaware of is what makes you become a better human being.
The joy of seeing the people you mentor thrive and flourish is what brings credit to your ability, not just as a professional but as a person who is really cares about others.
Your sincere commitment and personal interest is challenged in such situations and brings the best out if you and your protege, but there maybe no rewards and yet the satisfaction that it brings is priceless.
The very fact that someone accepts you as a mentor, means they deposit complete and unshakable faith in your person and in your abilities. They admire and look up to you, wanting to emulate that which they see in you. I would consider this as the greatest honor one human being could give another. Yet, it comes with the great responsibility of having to live up to this expectation.
You become the biggest positive influence in the life of your protege.
You are the driving force, the one who shows the way.
You become the diamond polisher that no one sees, but values the diamond that shines and sparkles, because you took the time to work on it.
This is a great responsibility indeed and you need to pay a price, though keep in mind, that you may not be financially or socially recognized for it and yet you would have found the greatest force of all.. self realization, You would have discovered the new you in you!
Become a mentor today!

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