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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Love yourself - How to love yourself Part 1

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Love yourself.  It is the greatest of all commandments, love one another as you love yourself. To simplify this I will divide this into two parts. Love others, love self. It is important to love yourself if you want to love others.
If you cannot love yourself when you are filled with self-hatred and unhappiness, you really cannot be good to others. You can only give what you have. Start by loving yourself today, whether you have any kind of faith or not believe in yourself.
Love is a beautiful gift. The most precious of all gifts and yet you need not pay anything to get it. The most valuable things in life come free - Love is the most important of those.
But why love yourself?
To love yourself you need to accept yourself as you are.
You need to forgive yourself of all your faults and failings. (Who doesn’t have them?) 
Some of us are really harsh on ourselves.
When we are harsh on ourselves we are harsh on others too. Sometimes even cynical and bitter that people try to keep away from us. Our attitudes and approach become skeptical and negative at times.
Loving yourself, changes the way you approach people and things, you take a more compassionate and forgiving attitude towards others.
This makes you approachable and seem more human. People find it easy to interact with you, without you cutting them down to bite size.
When you love yourself, your confidence levels increase. Your self-esteem or self-worth is high. This is so because you do not wait for approval from others to love yourself, you love yourself for who you are.
With a higher level of self confidence you are free to perform to your highest potential.
Your levels of negativity receives a death blow when you love yourself. Your normal self critical attitude is not allowed to raise its voice so free on every issue. To tend to take a more positive approach to life, with a little more self-awareness and vigilance on the kind of thoughts you think, you can turn every thought into a positive one.
When you love yourself you tend to be more careful of what you eat, how you feel and how you look. You become a little more careful because you understand the importance of your health. The healthier your body, the better your mind and actions.
Loving yourself is not about being narcissistic, loving yourself at the exclusion of others is, which is not self-love but self-lust.
To be continued ....

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