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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Life Is Beautiful even Without a Camera

Life is beautiful  By sofs
I read something that prompted me to write this. I know I have been away for a long, long time I have always been wanting to write but somehow I couldn’t bring myself to write here just yet. It seems today is the day and I am here to write.

Life has been beautiful to me minus the camera. It will always be, whether I have my camera or not. Not a day has passed me by without me wondering how sweet this life is. Despite all the flaws, the failings the pain and the loss, life is beautiful. I cannot stress this enough.

The sky never lets me down, there is always a moment of pure unadulterated beauty in it as the light streaks through the clouds or the clouds play around in the wind.
As I walk into the garden every morning the flowers never fail to surprise me, I often miss a breath as I gaze upon their vibrant color and beauty.

My loved ones never fail to give me that smile I long to see, that word I long to hear. I don’t need a camera to frame the moment in.. My eyes, my heart and my very soul have snatched that fleeting moment and framed it in a gallery of eternity, an eternity that would end with me.

The beauty of life is not about its great moments it is about the simple happenings every day. When I enjoy every moment of my life the great things happen unexpectedly, making me ecstatic.

I adopted two street dogs recently and they seem to be happy to see me every time. It’s the expectant faith in their eyes that sometimes makes me want to laugh out loud and sometimes fills my heart with love. They know that the food lady is here and their need will be met. They follow me around when I get out of the house and seem to watch out for me all day. A little goes a long way, and they seem to know, I give them a little food and they give me all they have. Life is beautiful, I can never capture it on camera.

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