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Monday, February 3, 2014

What To Do When You Are Not In A Mood To Do Anything

I am sure that you have woken up to days when you
 were not in a mood to do anything; most of us have felt that way sometime or the other in life. What do you do at times like that? Do you let your mood (your state of mind) take control over your life or do you do something to get yourself into a mood to do something? To let your emotions take control of your life is foolishness for the person of reason that you are. However most of us seem to be unaware of the fact that our moods hijack us from reaching our destiny from time to time.

Here are some simple steps to help you get over the moods -

Work on lightening your mood. Listening to some bubbly or lively music could change the tempo of your mind. Music is an effective tool to deal with your mood at the subconscious level. Lively music could expedite the process of elevating your mood much sooner than efforts at a conscious level. One small piece of advice here, give some thought to the lyrics before you chose to listen to them. Positive, energizing lyrics and music does wonders for you.

Watch a motivating video. I always pick up videos of people doing incredible tasks to watch when I don’t feel like doing much, this often provides me with the drive that I need to move ahead. It is good to have a handy list of great motivating videos bookmarked from which you could pick one to watch on your low days.

Start with something small. Often the hardest part is getting started, so start with something small, interesting or something you like doing. Once you get started it is easy to keep going. I often promise myself I will spend ten minutes doing something and take a break if my heart isn’t into it; however I hardly ever stop after the first ten minutes. When I start doing something there is always a need to push myself forward and complete the task. Try this; it could work for you as well.

Try affirmations. I usually say, “Although I am not in the mood for doing anything, I uncover the energy and enthusiasm within to accomplish all that I set out to do today.” When you make such an affirmation, you accept the reality as it is; however you also speak a newer reality into existence; which is well within your power.

Work on enjoying your everyday life. Find those things in your everyday routines which you look forward to and incorporate those elements into your other activities. For example if you enjoy listening to music, have some soft music playing in the background while you do boring tasks. Some classical instrumental music could work well as it does not distract you from the things you have to do, but then if you don’t like classical stuff stick to instrumental music.

All though different things work for different folks, some of these tips could help lift your spirits and put you in a mood for work.

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