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Monday, January 13, 2014

You don’t need chaos to appreciate peace

You don't need chaos to appreciate peace sofspics
Most people don’t seem to appreciate the comforting peace of everyday life until everything goes terribly wrong. We take the steady rhythm of life for granted, never stopping to appreciate the people and things around us. Most of us seem to believe that life owes us something. The painful truth is that life owes us nothing; it is left to us to make the most of what we have.

Learning to be grateful is an important step to being at peace with oneself. Gratitude fills you an appetite for life and all that it has to offer. You approach life with no demands and grab what you get with a grateful heart. You learn to enjoy and treasure the simple things of life.

Training your mind to see the positive side of life and people could make each minute of life more meaningful. It helps you shut your mind to all kinds of negativity and allows you to look at the infinite possibilities life has to offer.
Being grateful and positive helps you appreciate the present as it is and to live in the now taking in everything around you with an open mind. It makes it easy for you to enjoy the normal ebb and flow of life and the pulsating moments of life with the same fervor. You even learn to appreciate the troubles of life and the learning possibilities that each of these events bring in their wings.

The mundane routines and chores which now seem tedious could be the heaven you seek when things turn chaotic. What you perceive now as boredom could then become the life you yearn for at a time of trouble. Why wait until you go through difficulties to appreciate what you have now. Make each day and each chore meaningful with the way you perceive it. Change the way you look at your life right now. I am reminded of the story of a woman who thought that her life of serving her husband and her children was a mundane and cursed existence until a terrible tragedy claimed the lives of husband and children one day. Her only desire then was to serve her dead children and husband for a just day.

Life is what you make it. Choose to enjoy the peace that you have right now and make the best of life. You have just one life, it is the ‘now’ that you can call your own, make this day, this minute meaningful.

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