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Friday, January 3, 2014

Make the journey your goal

Make the Journey your Goal

Goals are important, but so is the journey. We often make too much of the goals and disregard the importance of enjoying the journey itself. I believe that the goal of life is living life to its fullness. Other goals aren't really very significant, they are just rewards that on route to living a full life. Goals aren't destinations; they are just trophies and symbols of life which are often confused with success.

Since the journey is the major part of your life it is imperative that you live each moment. When you do not
enjoy your journey in the present, there is no assurance that you would enjoy your life after the achievement of your goals. Often one goal follows another and life becomes a rat race. Take time to enjoy what you do and what you have while you stride determinedly towards enjoying life.

Happiness is not about getting what you don’t have, it is about enjoying who you are and what you have. Make the journey a discovery and an adventure that you enjoy. It is left to each individuals imagination and creativity to make the most of what he/she has.

The journey is the exploration and experimentation part of life, from which you learn life skills. Having the right attitude towards learning and making learning a fun experience for yourself could make any journey worth more than the goals themselves.

Although it is good to have a purpose and direction in life, achieving your goals should not become your focus. The sad truth about a goal driven life is that we as adults have learned to connect goals to success or failure. Learning is a process of growth, there is no such thing as success or failure in learning. While some concepts are easily learned, it cost us more time and effort to get around others. It is about dedication, attitude and focus.

If you could learn to rewire your brain into believing that goals aren't as important as the journey itself, you could save yourself a lot of worry, anxiety, pain and regrets. It would then be easy to focus on enjoying each day and living your best life. 

I wish all my readers a very Happy, Healthy and Blessed  New Year!

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  1. Happy to have found your blog. I saw your comment on KrishnaD's profile and looked up your page to get the link to your blog
    Looking forward to reading your inspirational words .
    Happy New Year!