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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

How you weigh your life

How you weigh your life
Blogging seems have taken a back seat in my life as my other priorities have taken over.  Its seems life acquires a balance of its own without us having to do much. Times and interests change as we grow and change as people. Life is beautiful all the same.

Although blogging has been put on the back burner life itself has been bubbling with fun, love and happiness. New hobbies (or in my case those that had been shelved for lack of resources) have now come to the fore and have acquired a new life of their own. Perspectives in life change as interests change too. Life is even more colorful than before. 

One thing I have learned about life  is you never measure your life by your achievements but by your happiness. I can confidently say that I could easily score a 9 (or maybe a bit more) out of 10 if I had to evaluate life this way. Life is not about what you have or what you have not .. its about how you use what is. What you have is this moment.

Life is not about position, status, money or seeking thrills; its about finding your balance in the sequence of things and swinging along joyfully despite the blowing winds. Life is about giving the best of what you have to those around you.

Happiness lies not in the finest of things, but in living the moment with openness of mind. Life is an adventure in itself.  I have no desire to seek adventures and thrills in my life, each day with its promises and unknown threats have enough of it for me to make it an adventure. 

Life is simple when we know the purpose of living. Finding the purpose of life makes the journey worth the experience. Oftentimes the purpose is really simple, but we as people seek complicated answers, the plain truth before us seems too obvious and ordinary to be the purpose of life.

Life is to be lived. Running after things, people, position etc.,only takes you further away from the act of living. People oftentimes get so engrossed with the drama of  living that they forget that the drama is just a stage performance for a short while, real living happens behind the scenes. Cutting out the drama and living simple to me embodies perfect living. If you didn't get what I mean live isn't what people post on Facebook, thankfully I hardly go there. 

Life provides its own drama and tragedies without us having to run after them. Living is simply the ability to process these high tensions scenes, keep sight of the mundane and being able to walk normally with focus on living. This ensures that peace and joy remain constantly in our lives no matter what is happening at the moment. 

How do I measure my life?  I would say - its sane, almost perfect in this imperfect world. My eyes are focused steadily on moment as it happens and my mind is focused on living it the best I can. 

How do you weigh your life? 

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