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Monday, February 18, 2013

Let go

Let go - © Sofspics
'Let go' has been a principle of life which I have used successfully all my life. Negative events are as much a part of life as  positive / happy events. It is when we carry negative memories of unhappy happenings that we add pain to our life. Letting go gives you the freedom to look to the future with hope.

I do not live in the past, I don't think anyone who wants to be happy should. My moment is now, the present. I live it like there is no tomorrow. I have no regrets or pain from the past. I have been able to handle each of life's situations with a good amount of objectivity.

Do I make mistakes? Don't I regret them?
Oh yes! Like everyone else I make mistakes. But then, it is a mistake, what is the point of crying over it. Wrong choices often cause much pain. The point is not to prolong the pain and make a mess of your life. When you  can see objectively through the events  it is time to change your decisions. I am human enough to accept my mistakes. The cost of having made a wrong choices often lingers on and pulls you down like dead weight,  but I have learned to sift out the wanted from the unwanted. I make a choice to solve issues not cry over them. I move on. Hard as it is, I know that this is the only way to live.

Let go of thoughts that tie you to the past. It is quite possible that they tie you to your mistakes and cause your confidence levels to go down. Replace negative thoughts with positive working thoughts which can help you breakthrough the impasse.

Let go of worry. Worry takes you into the past and links it with fear of the future. I believe that the best is yet to come. This helps me to wake up each morning with a purpose and accomplish what I desire. I believe I can always work through problems. Nothing really overwhelms me.

Let go of pain. This is one area where I need to work some more. I do carry a bit of emotional pain, more so because I have had my giants share of it lately. The pain of loss, the pain of being unable to write, the pain of letting people take advantage of my goodness. I need to shake it all off and go back to living life with zeal. I have never stopped being what I am or making the most of moment, but i have allowed the weight of the pain to cloud my mind. All I need to do is forget those things of the past and cut my connection with those things that remind me of pain. I need to immerse myself in the joy of living all over again.
Life is to be lived, and I will live it like I have always done, to the full.

Cutting the strings of the past is another important step in letting go. It is just one clean sweep and once you have done it, it has no power over you. You need to know what to hold on to and what to let go..
Find your passion ©sofspics
Let go of everything that keeps you from living life to the full. All those things that conflict with your beliefs and values. These are the things that keep you from finding your peace.

Find your passion, that fire that burns within you.. immerse yourself in it. As for me I have found my fire.. my passion for photography has come alive once again. I know that I will soon find those bits that have evaded me. For now I live, live as if there is no tomorrow.

Let go.. Live your moment.

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