"People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing, that's why we recommend it daily." - ZigZiglar

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Inspiration for life

Inspiration for life
Without inspiration the best powers of the mind remain dormant. There is a fuel in us which needs to be ignited with sparks.- Johann Gottfried Von Herder.

Often times in life we need inspiration to hang on to our goals/dreams and achieve them despite the events of life. My dreams came to a  standstill a few months ago when life took strange twists and turns... Loss and death had overwhelmed me. I couldn't bring myself to write another word. I took a break and waited for my inspiration. It never did come.

Now, at the beginning of this New year I needed  inspiration more than anything else. I searched for my inspiration all around and realized that I am my inspiration. My mind is powerful and needs just a gentle reminder to spark a fire. 

I had taken a little holiday, a holiday in a jungle. As we drove through the forest I noticed a huge forest fire... our guide explained, "Forest fires are common on hot days, a gentle breeze is enough to start one", he said. Being unsure about what he meant, I looked up to him for further explanation, he added, "the rubbing of dried bamboo in a clump against each other often starts a little fire, which spreads."

Those words kept ringing in my ears long after I left the jungle. I need a forest fire to get me started I thought, then I remembered that all I needed was a gentle breeze. 

I remembered the story of a woman called Rose, who attended a university at 87. It was the dream of her life to get herself a college education. She did not give up even at 87. She said in a speech she made.. " We do not make a living with what we get, we make a life with what we give."

This thought has inspired me to move on. I will write, for that is my dream. I will write until I reach my destination. The gentle breeze is blowing and I will inspire myself to reach for the stars. I will give all it takes to make this life more beautiful than ever. The past is forgotten, I will sail on wings like eagles. My mind will soar to greater heights, I will not let these things of the past hold me any longer. 

The sky is clear, a gentle breeze is blowing, winged words shall take flight and weave their magic in words. I shall not hold them back any longer. I shall find my inspiration. I am determined.

If you have been struggling like me, held back by circumstances, let your imagination take flight, draw your inspiration from your dreams and move on. Live the life that you have always dreamed of. Let no one come in your path. Remember, bad things happen to the best of us.. but they need not bring our life to a standstill.
Ignite your imagination, don't wait for the opportune moment, it may never come. The moment is now and here, so make it yours. I needed to remind myself of this, over and over again..no matter what happens your goals are only lost when you give up on them. 

My dream, my goals will see a new thrust. They will once again take flight, undeterred by the happenings around. I will see my book, my words in print sooner than I thought. I am determined, I am motivated and  I am inspired.

A small fire has begun, soon it will become a forest fire, fire not of destruction, but of new life and inspiration. 

I hope this year will be a year of great inspiration and achievement for you. Aim for the stars and you shall float in the space of your inspiration, until you reach your destination, and find your dreams.   
Wishing you all a year of accomplishment and joy, health and contentment, love and laughter. 

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