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Monday, December 17, 2012

Dealing with holiday stress

Merry Christmas - Enjoy your Holidays
This is the first year in all my adult life that I will not be decorating and celebrating Christmas the way I always do. All these years I have put myself under so much pressure cleaning, cooking, carol singing, decorating and at most importantly shopping and more shopping. I have never had a moments free time, all these years in the run up to Christmas. I am always so exhausted and tired by the time the season comes to an end.. This could be true of many of you too.
This year I have consciously decided to rest, I have had enough on my mind this year and I need a break physically, mentally and emotionally.
I find myself so relaxed and calm. I am not running from one thing to another as I usually do.
No bending backwards to please anyone, I have made my intentions clear to everyone that I am doing nothing that is going to tax me further.
I don't have to shop  Hurrah!  I really don't have to shop so much this season as I have let people know that there won't be gifts either. This has taken a huge burden off my shoulders  Deciding what gift to give each one is stressful in itself. With this off my back I am relaxing and enjoying the real spirit of the season.
For once I am attending concerts and having fun instead of practicing and singing the way we usually do. I still do a bit, but its good to hear others sing, there is no stress involved.
I am not at my baking post, baking truck loads of stuff for the whole city, now that is really wonderful.. I still do miss the smells of Christmas around our home..
The decorations have stayed in the boxes and there is less clutter to handle. Life is simple and beautiful without having to haul Christmas trees around. Well my dog loves the space.
I know the kids aren't quite happy ... but I need the break - emotionally and physically.
It is heaven living without the stress.. I take one day at a time and enjoy myself. I savor each moment and make the best of it.
I think, I will opt for a life without stress, if I can handle the guilt of the sad looking faces around me this year.
I will however, spring a huge surprise to make up for the lack of gifts and good cheer.. Whatever said and done, it is the joy of the season that adds meaning to life.. I can bring joy without having to stress myself out-
A lesson I have learned this season. I hope you can take something from this.. sometimes life is beautiful without the drama and the festivities.
Take the stress out of this season. Let your hair down, so to speak and have some fun.

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