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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Thoughts on Desire

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As humans we often desire something. We long for it, maybe even yearn for it and pin our happiness to it.. Is it worth it? I would say not. During a long drive through the quiet countryside I felt this question rise up repeatedly into my thoughts. Somehow my answer to it all the time was a clear 'No'. Maybe, because I believe that happiness is to be found within not without, it should not be tied to things, people and circumstances. If it did, our happiness would depend on if's and but's - that would be one hell of a emotional uncertainty. We would never be in control over our emotions or our lives.
Leave the uncertainty aside, you will not even have half a chance of living your life - this present moment that you have. A few months ago a friend of mine passed on, she had great dreams and expectations, but then life didn't wait for her. Every desire of hers was a unfinished monument, the greatness of which or the worth of which may never be known. Live your moment, enjoy the life that you have today, tomorrow will take care of itself.
Waiting for the if's and but's to make you happy could mean that you are letting the life that you have slip away from your hands without you really noticing it. Time is the only thing we as humans have.. but it is only the now that we have for sure. Letting your now pass you by as you search for the holy grail you may lead to a sad existence.
I do not mean that we should not have desires, but our desires for success or wealth or whatever they may be should not be the end of our life. Wealth, success etc,. only serve a purpose - they are a means to the end - self-realization or self actualization. These desires should only serve to highten our happiness.. not kill the life we have now.
A great Tamil (One of India's languages) poet would say of desires in Tirukural 370
Aaraa iyarkai avaaneeppin annilaiye
Peraa iyarkai tharum
Roughly translated it would mean.............
The nature of human desire is to be never fulfilled
But, the one who renounces desires is eternally fulfilled.
Easily said than done you say.. but it is easy once you learn to do it.. I used to be greatly attached to money, possessions etc... now I couldn't care less.
I place my value on people not on things anymore. Even this is proving to be a painful attachment... The loss of loved ones in the recent past has robbed me of all my desire to write, to enjoy the things I have so loved, it has been difficult to even be myself. I need to learn to let go.. of all desires .. even to be with the ones I love most. It is hard... but I am sure I can master it.. soon enough.
Thirukural 364 says
Purity consists in divesting oneself of all desires,
Which comes from the relentless pursuit of Truth.
Should we really hanker after things? Is not inner peace more valuable?

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