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Friday, September 7, 2012

Balance of Life

Balance of life - sofspics
Life is delicately balanced. Disturbing the the balance of life could cause a break down in some areas of your life. Life is like a tight rope walk, we need to bring into it action, vigilance, artistry, color and thrill. But, I believe most importantly we need to keep our eyes on what we do and say. If we take the things/people for granted we could break the delicate balance of life. A simple word, a small deed could throw our life out of balance and into great turmoil. Although we may not have complete control over our lives, we have control over what we say and do. We chose the way our life changes, at least most of the time.
In a close relationship you could say and do almost anything and get away with it, but when you touch the core of a person's being and hurt it, you are in for trouble. You have just lost what you have worked for years to build. I have had the chance to experience this a few times in my life. A friend said just one word and I have never been able to bring myself to continue that relationship in the same way as before. She has said meaner things in jest and so have I, but when she touched the things that matter so much to me, something in me broke away.
I wonder if we could ever build it back, even though time has passed and apologies rendered. I could not find it in my heart to trust and restore her to the same level of closeness anymore, try as I might. Relationships are delicately balanced and we really need to understand and approach people with this in mind.
Wrong moves often cost us the things that are so important to us. Thoughtless words and actions could destroy the very essence of our lives. The troubles we bring upon us by disturbing this delicate balance of life could be so profound. It may not mean the end of life, but it could leave a scar and in someways impact our psyche permanently in a negative way. We could always learn from our mistakes. We could avoid hurting ourselves and others by being more sensitive.
It may not always be possible to right the wrong, but we could possibly learn to appreciate and enjoy the delicate balance of life as it presents itself to us. Because, in that delicate balance lies the beauty of life.

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