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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Make time for yourself

Make time for yourself - Sofspics
It is good to drive yourself to achieve what you want. However, when you arrive there and find that you really don’t know if that is what you want you may end up feeling that you have wasted a big chunk of your life.

Make time for yourself. Take time to know who you are and what is it that you really want. Maybe you should forget the ‘what you want’ for now, focus on the ‘who you are’.

If you don’t know who you are or what is the purpose of your life? You are a like a ship without a rudder - directionless and living each day as it happens.

Take time today to figure out what makes you tick. Make time to understand what keeps your going, what is that which brings you happiness, what are those things that make your life more meaningful?
It does take introspection to get to the root of these questions. You need to be willing to accept that you are not perfect and it would mean time for self-improvement.

It takes time, effort and some courage to find out that you aren't perfect after all - but who is?
Making time means that you take a slice out of your day and invest it in your happiness. This is like saving for your future. You need to forego some pleasure today - perhaps it is eating out and accept some pain like cooking your own meal. Then the money you save could be invested to take care of your future. It may serve you when there is an emergency, or even help you get that beautiful something that you have always dreamed about.

While I surfed the internet a couple of days ago, I read what a young woman had written - She basically said that life is all about the pleasures of the now. She vehemently argued that one should not deny themselves of any pleasure, life is all about having fun. Well, that is her point of view, she will grow out of it someday when she realizes that she is bankrupt, broken and lost. I don’t wish it on her, but that is where such reckless living leads to.
Take time to consider if you morals and values are those that you would like your children to have, or would they be what you would like to be associated with your name five years hence.
When our values / morals conflict with what we have always accepted as our standards, there can be no peace within. You life will become the biggest war zone there is.

If the happiness that you are after, is momentary and fleeting your life will be one long journey of wanting to satisfy your need to be happy. This would not be very further from the pleasure which a person addicted to drugs or alcohol seeks, living from one high to another until he finds himself in a place of no return.
Take time to make the best of what you have, to live in harmony - first within yourself and then with the people around you.

Take time to enjoy what you have  now and ensure that what you enjoy now will last for a lifetime. This is a smart investment for life.

What are the things that are most valuable to you - Is it your family, your spouse, your career, your soul, your health, your financial well being? Figure out and start working towards it.

Consider the time you spend today working on making what you have now last a lifetime as an investment for life. Go on make time  for yourself and let it enrich your life

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  1. I like the way you explained about "Make time for yourself". I agree totally, and couldn’t have worded it better myself. Thanks.