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Sunday, June 3, 2012

When you are feeling down...

When you are feeling down - it is time to fly up into the sun!
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When you are facing what seems like the end of a journey, you may have new vistas to explore. You may believe that you have come to the end of a journey, your emotion loaded tears could blind you from seeing the many doorways that have opened up... Have you been there? Have you felt like this?
Life never comes to an end until it has ended and you have failed to breathe.. As long as there is breath in you, you need to face every obstacle that stares you in the face, even if it is an eyeball to eyeball match - don't blink!
 Life is not about running away, it is about standing up to the challenges and finding meaning in the midst of the chaos that surrounds you.
When you are down, there is just one way to look and it is up.. there is one way to go and that is up too... You cannot go down any further.. you only have to rise above the scum...
If you are positive you could fly high too...troubles, sadness, worries affect you momentarily but can never hold you down.. and if you have faith you will soar above the high fliers too..
Every dead end makes you look for ways to fly.. until you face the dead ends you will never know that you had it in you to work that miracle.
Miracles are there for the taking, but are you ready for one... do the unconventional.. the impossible, the implausible... The hen flies when her chicks are threatened... she would normally never attempt that.. and yet when an eagle threatens the life of her young ones she does the impossible... she flies to fight that which threatens her future.
The crow beats the life out of a cobra if she find that her young ones are attacked... but she would never think of having anything to do with the cobra normally..
Uncommon situations bring out the uncommon reactions in you... are you ready to fly high, to take a huge leap, to do the impossible...
Impossible is nothing.. for those who dare or for those who live each moment with courage.
The impossible is a possibility for actions, which prove your mettle and lift you above the normal... Fear not adversity.. you have an opportunity to prove yourself all over again!
When you are feeling down... Look up...move up!

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