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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Animated Emoticons

Animated emotion icons - sofspics
Do men and women use emoticons or animated emoticons differently ? I am sure they do... I love to use the smiley so often in my communications.  Some sentences may have more emoticons than words... My husband and  friends would attest to that. Sometimes, I send my son a couple of smileys when he is at the university and he sends some back to me :) Its my way of telling him that he is special. 
Women love to convey their emotions through their communication. The email just isn't enough to tell someone how you feel about communicating with them. 
Men on the other hand love to hide their emotion even in face to face conversations. Oh! haven't you seen the dead pan face? 
Do emotion icons enhance enhance the quality of communication? 
I would say yes, but then that is because I love emoticons.
Women have no difficulty talking about anything, if they are comfortable in a relationship. They do not hesitate to reveal their emotions either. Could this be why emoticons are more popular with women than men?
I read somewhere that men used emoticons mainly to convey skepticism and sarcasm. I do not know how far this is true. But, I do know one thing, men can hide any any emotion behind sarcasm, they also seem to be adept at veiling their true emotions behind a seemingly humorous conversation. 
I know, that this post is a little far from what I generally write.. but then relationship have always intrigued me and emoticons too:) 
Communication really has to be simple. Simple enough for you to understand yourself. Emoticon communication is simple, it tells the other person about the range of emotions that each of your ideas bring up in you.
Could it be equal to your smile? Well, I smile all the time. It is a natural part of me..  to me it conveys warmth and happiness at being with the person. Maybe, in someways, its like my dog wagging her tail.. every time my eyes fall upon her, she is happy to be with me... even if we are together all day long. 
Happiness is an emotion that we need not shy away from. It is sad when people have to hide their 
emotions behind something... No wonder they say men are from Mars and women are form Heaven .. Oh, nope Venus, I mean.
Animated conversations often mean that people are totally into the conversation. Could animated smileys mean that too? 
This is just a smiley lover's confession... I needed a break from serious thought and maybe you could do with some. :)
Have a great weekend!

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