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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Negative emotions - how to deal with negative emotions 2

Deal with negative emotions - sofspics
Negative emotions as I mentioned in my previous post, just needs to be modified and redirected to work for you. Negative emotions always turn inward ruining your health. They cause physical and mental problems making you more vulnerable than before to illnesses, disturbance in sleep, appetite, making you feel stressed out and always under pressure.
You could lose your temper any minute and pay for the consequences socially too.
It is easy to deal with negative emotions. If you are angry with someone about the way they treated you, turn your anger against that injustice and fight against it. If someone dumped you, just tell yourself that you hate being dumped, how dumping hurts you and how you would never let anyone feel that way again. Resolve to love and trust people and never let them down.
You may think that this is impossible, it is difficult, not impossible. The more you tell yourself, 'I will love', 'I will be fair', 'I will trust and be kind'... the more your mind will accept your ideas and work positively.
Hey! don’t think that you are doing someone a favor, you are not! You are doing yourself a huge favor!
You are refusing to let your mind work negatively and let the acid burn holes in you. You are acknowledging a higher and better way of life while opening yourself to positive living.
You are refusing to let the hurt go deeper and form ugly scars in your psyche. You are opening yourself to a loving and beautiful life in the future, without the baggage of the past weighing heavily on your shoulders.
It takes time and practice. You need patience and alertness to check yourself when you fall back into the old rut.
You need to be consistently affirming yourself that you are capable of love could ultimately bring about the needed change.
Permit yourself to be happy. Don’t punish yourself for another's fault.
Love and believe in yourself. Negative emotions often lead you to believe in the opposite.
If Spring cleaning of your mind is in order.. do it today! Let your life bloom in the colors of spring.. bright and happy. You deserve it!

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